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Event 1 Day 1C: Bad Draw and Good Reads

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

The field crossed over 100 entrants shortly after the start of Level 2 and the action has not been as passive as 24 hours ago. Table 36 once again produced another big pot and this time the losing player did not opt to re-enter.

We caught the action after the flop when the 8-seat called all-in with AsQs and flush draw on the 7s6h5s board. The 7-seat was probably feeling good with Ts8s for the open ended straight and flush draws until he realized he was drawing thin. The Ks turn ended the hand quickly and he left the room muttering.

Not every big hand during the level ended with a knockout but Table 30 did create some noise. The table is up against the railing of the second floor so most could hear the 6-seat asking the 8-seat repeatedly, “do you have the best hand or just think you have the best hand?” when faced with a raise. The 8-seat stayed stoic in the face of his opponent trying to get a read. We were there in time to see the 6-seat finally call with Ac3c flopped two pair which was good against the smaller, rivered two pair with KhJc. The hand did not send anyone to the rail but it increased the entertainment.

Players are now on Level 3 with blinds at 75/150.

Event 1 Day 1C: Sets Over Sets

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

The deep stack structure of the Event 1 gives players 200 big blinds at the start of play and it usually takes a pretty big hand to get them all in the middle early. Table 36 found one of the few situations where it can happen.

Seats 2 raised the action preflop and called a three-bet from seat 6. Fireworks lit off after a check-raise on the 8h4c2s flop before all the chips ended up in the middle. Seat 2 made his way to the cage to re-enter when his flopped set with 4h4d was dominated by a bigger set of Eights 8c8s. It was the second instance of a player losing to set over set in the first level.

Day 1C is outpacing the field from Day 1A as the number of entrants is close to 100 at the end of the first level. Players are onto Level 2 and blinds are up to 50/100.

Event 1 Day 1C: Cards in the Air

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Players have taken their seats and Event 1 Day 1C is underway in The Poker Room at Seminole Hard Rock. Players are still lining up as play begins and late comers have four levels of late registration. The first two flights drew 427 entrants and the numbers will continue to grow as we approach the weekend.

Event 1 is a $125 buy-in tournament with a $150,000 guaranteed prizepool. Players begin with 10,000 stacks and blinds at 25/50 and play through 14 levels today.

Follow along as we will bring you live updates throughout the day.

Event 1 Day 1C: Players Return for Action

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Wednesday was a great start to the Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open” as Event 1 Day 1A and 1B combined to draw 427 entrants. After 14 levels of play during each flight, 52 players were left with chips and will come back on Sunday.

Max Brooks emerged at the chipleader near the end of Day 1B with 284,200 which is 85,600 more than 2nd place Jose Galvez. Day 1A leader Syed Shah finished his flight with 147,400 and good enough for 5th place of those moving on.

Two more flights are set to run today with Day 1C at 11am and a 7pm kickoff for 1D later this evening. Late registration and re-entry is available through four levels with players receiving a full starting stack. The tournament has a $125 buy-in and a guaranteed prizepool of $150,000.

We expect another great day in The Poker Room at Seminole Hard Rock.

Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open” Schedule and Structures


Event 1 Day 1A: Bag and Tag

Event 1 Day 1A of the Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open” drew 188 entrants and 27 players made it through to Day 2. Players are currently bagging counting their chips and bagging them up to carry over to the final day, into the money, and onto the winner.

The unofficial chipleaders are Jorman Guigui and Syed Shah who both ended the day with ~147,000. We will return with official chip counts and recap of Day 1A.

Event 1 Day 1A official numbers can be found on the Chip Counts page.

27 players finished Event 1 Day 1A
27 players finished Event 1 Day 1A

Event 1 Day 1A: Level 13 Underway

The final 36 players have returned from their short break to Level 13 and blinds of 1k/2k/200 ante. The average stack is 52,222 with just two more levels in Day 1A. Day 1B will get underway at 7pm, the same $125 buy-in with late registration and re-entries through four levels.

For those who prefer to play cash games, there are currently 14 tables in action with both Limit and No Limit Hold’em games.

Event 1 Day 1A: Final Break

It was bound to happen, play slowed dramatically over the last level with few eliminations as the short-stacks picked up much needed doubles. Just 36 players remain as they head off on a short 10-minute break and will play two more levels before they bag and tag their chips.

Early chip leader Eldred Williams was sent to the rail after a series of second best hands while a shy gentleman to Juliet Yarina’s left has taken over the chiplead with 120,000. Mike Beasley is still hanging around with an average stack but hasn’t been generating much action from the rest of his table.

Final Four tables of Event 1 Day 1A
The Final Four tables of Event 1 Day 1A

Event 1 Day 1A: Race to the End

Even with the stacks getting deep once again, players continue to roll the dice and head for the door. 40 players remain at the start of Level 11 and it will be a race to whether the field completes 14 full levels or get down to 17 players.

Juliet Yarina (West Bloomfield, MI) is making moves late in the day and now sits with just under 90,000. Yarina has shown success here in the past with a win in the $150 NLH Turbo during the 2013 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Showdown.

Juliet Yarina nearing the chiplead of Event 1 Day 1A
Juliet Yarina nearing the chiplead of Event 1 Day 1A