Event 30: Ty Akbasli Wins Turbo Title in Finale Prelim of Series

2017 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Hollywood, FL
$300 Turbo No Limit Hold’em
Entries: 133
Prize Pool: $33,915
April 5, 2017

Ty Akbasli wins $300 turbo title

It was an anniversary of sorts on Wednesday for Ty Akbasli. Four years ago to the day, Akbasli won a tournament at the Hard Rock. On the four-year anniversary of his win, he came back to the Hard Rock to win another tournament.

Akbasli defeated a field of 133 entrants to take home $9,582 and a title in the $300 turbo no limit hold’em.

“I woke up this morning and I’m checking my Facebook and it said four years ago on this exact day, I won a tournament here at the Hard Rock,” said Akbasli. “I think it was a bounty and that was awesome.

“That got me riled up to play today, so I just hopped in the car and saw there was a tournament running and I got lucky again.”

Akbasli had to work hard for the title in the final preliminary event of the series. After coming into the final table in the middle of the pack, he found himself heads-up against Sean Perry with a huge chip deficit to overcome.

“I basically just waited it out,” said Akbasli. “I had a few favorable spots, nothing major. Just grinded it and then ended up coming in with a five-to-one chip deficit against a young hot shot guy that said he was 98% to win it. That gave me more motivatoin to show him what we do.”

What Akbasli did was deny Perry his second title of the series. Perry, who is only 20-years-old, had a monster series in South Florida. He had five cashes throughout the series, with two runner-up finishes and a win in the $570 no limit hold’em.

Akbasli and Perry were engaging in some back-and-forth banter heads-up, but Akbasli said that the minor trash talk was all in good spirits.

“It was all in good fun,” said Akbasli. “He was a big talker and had been talking the whole tournament. I told him with four tables to go that I was going to bust him and then somehow I ended up heads-up with him.”

Akbasli’s second Hard Rock trophy won’t be going far. Akbasli is a recreational player who lives in the area. He owns an internet marketing company, which allows him the freedom to get down to the poker room and put in some hours on the felt when he can.

The turbo format was appealing for Akbasli’s business life. It enabled him to come in and play for some good money without having to commit multiple days to the tournament.

“It’s very efficient,” said Akbasli. “I don’t want to sit around for two or three days. It’s good to just get one in and be able to finish in one day and get back to business afterwards.

After growing up in the Washington DC area, he moved down to South Florida five years ago. He’s been “loving life” ever since.

“I play poker for fun,” said Akbasli. “I play a lot, but I only play for fun. I’m not a pro or anything. I just wanted to get one for the good guys.”


1st: Ty Akbasli – $9,582
2nd: Sean Perry – $6,026
3rd: Andrey Plotnikov – $3,595
4th: Justin Conley – $2,204
5th: Dreyson Parker – $1,679
6th: Richard Katz – $1,424
7th: David Zemel – $1,238
8th: Seth Gilson – $1,085
9th: Ory Hen – $958
10th: Norman Zapcynski – $848
11th: Patrick Heneghan – $848
12th: Spencer Champlin – $848
13th: Adam Goldberg – $746
14th: Nicholas Baurichter – $746
15th: Ronald Magers – $746
16th: Angelo Castaldi – $653
17th: Ryan Dunn – $653

Event 30: Andrey Plotnikov Leads Final Table

$300 Big Stack Turbo No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 20: 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante
Players Remaining: 9 of 133

There was a knockout simultaneously on both of the two remaining tables in the last turbo event of the series to leave the field with its final nine players.

They have redrawn for seats at the final table and here is a look at the seating arrangement and chip counts for the final table players:

Seat 1: Richard Katz – 78,500
Seat 2: Sean Perry – 90,000
Seat 3: Seth Gilson – 93,500
Seat 4: David Zemel – 140,500
Seat 5: Andrey Plotnikov – 521,500
Seat 6: Dreyson Puridero – 467,000
Seat 7: Justin Conley – 368,000
Seat 8: Ory Hen – 49,500
Seat 9: Ty Akbasli – 186,500

Here are the remaining payouts:

1st: $9,582
2nd: $6,062
3rd: $3,595
4th: $2,204
5th: $1,679
6th: $1,424
7th: $1,238
8th: $1,085
9th: $958

Event 30: Registration Closed, Prize Pool Finalized

$300 Big Stack Turbo No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 16: 2,000/4,000 with a 500 Ante
Players Remaining: 30 of 133

Registration is closed in today’s 12pm $300 Big Stack Turbo, the final open event of the 2017 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown. In all, the field topped out at 133 entries generating a $33,915 prize pool. The top 17 players finish in the money with a min-cash worth $653. Payouts escalate from there and top out in the form of a $9,582 first prize.

Full prize pool info:

1st – $9,582
2nd – $6,062
3rd – $3,595
4th – $2,204
5th – $1,679
6th – $1,424
7th – $1,238
8th – $1,085
9th – $958
10th-12th – $848
13th-15th – $746
16th-17th – $653

The clock currently shows 30 players remaining toward the middle of Level 16. Among those still in are Seminole Hard Rock Poker team member Matt Affleck and Ryan Dunn.

With 15-mintue levels, play is expected to continue moving along at a good clip. We will provide another update when they reach the 10-handed final table.

Event 30: Closing Out the Showdown

$300 Big Stack Turbo No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 1: 25/50

Wednesday afternoon presents the last open tournament on the 2017 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown schedule. Event 30 is a quick, $300 Big Stack Turbo tournament with a $25,000 guaranteed prize pool. A nice series closing event as the WPT events unwind.

Each entrant will sit down to 15,000 starting stacks and play 15-minutes levels all day long. Late registration is available until the start of Level 15 at 4pm with unlimited re-entries throughout. The tournament is scheduled to play out in one day and we will crown one of our last champions later this evening.

The tournament starts at noon and we’ll supply occasional highlights during their run.

  • $25,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool
  • Players begin with 15,000 in chips and 15-minute levels
  • Late registration/re-entry available until start of Level 15
  • This is a one-day tournament and plays until completion
  • Event 30 Structure Sheet

Showdown Day 21 Schedule

Main Event Schedule

12PM: Final Table – $3,500 WPT Showdown Championship

12PM: Event 28 Day 2 – $25,500 High Roller No Limit Hold’em

12PM: Event 30 – $300 Big Stack Turbo NLH (Re-Entry)

  • $25,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool
  • Players begin with 15,000 in chips and 15-minute levels
  • Late registration/re-entry available until start of Level 15
  • This is a one-day tournament and plays until completion
  • Event 30 Structure Sheet

2PM: Event 26 Day 12 – $150 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

2PM: Event 29 Day 1 – $2,200 Deep Stack PLO (Re-Entry)

Secondary and Satellite Schedule

3PM: Event 100 – $200 Turbo No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

  • Players begin with 10,000 in chips and 15-minute levels
  • Late registration/re-entry available until start of Level 9
  • This is a one-day tournament and plays until completion
  • Event 100 Structure Sheet

6PM: Event 101 – $130 Survivor No Limit Hold’em (1-in-10)

  • 1-in-10 players will win $1,000 cash
  • Players begin with 10,000 in chips and 15-minute levels
  • Late registration/re-entry available until start of Level 9
  • This is a one-day tournament and plays until completion
  • Event 101 Structure Sheet


Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood Property Update

Preparations are underway for the development of an iconic hotel tower and resort:

  • Parking – Poker players are encouraged to park in Winner’s Way Garage to access both the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown tournament space and The Poker Room
  • The Poker Room – Players may access the poker room by entering through the main lobby or via the exterior entrance on the opposite end of Winner’s Way Garage.
  • Inside hotel – Services and amenities inside the hotel will remain open along with regularly scheduled events and entertainment.

For additional construction updates, please visit TheNewHardRock.com

Farid Yachou Wins World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions and $381,600 at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood

2016 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Hollywood
WPT Tournament of Champions (Event #30)
$15,000 No Limit Hold’em
Total Entries: 64
Prize Pool: $1,060,000
April 22-24, 2016

Farid Yachou

Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown concludes with the crowning of the game’s Champion of Champions in first-time event.

Hollywood, Fla. (April 24, 2016) – The World Poker Tour along with the Seminole Hard Rock Casino crowned a champion in the first-ever WPT Tournament of Champions Sunday night in Hollywood, Fla. The unique event, open only to members of the WPT Champions Club, saw 64 players put up the $15,000 entry fee creating a total prize pool of $1,060,000. Over the course of three days, the field narrowed to just one remaining – 36-year-old Farid Yachou of Holland.

Yachou earned the top prize of $381,600 as well as a 2016 Chevrolet Corvette. In addition to the car, the WPT added a slew of prizes to first place that included:

  • Hublot King Power Unico Titanium watch
  • Aurae® Solid Gold MasterCard
  • Gold Monster® 24K Headphones
  • Custom poker table from BBO Poker Tables
  • A seat in Tiger Woods’ Poker Night Presented by the WPT
  • Golf with WPT Executive Tournament Director Matt Savage

“The car is something amazing,” Yachou said. “I’ve never seen a tournament give a car away.”

Inexperienced given the context of his competition, Yachou earned his eligibility into the event this past May in the WPT Amsterdam at the Holland Casino. That victory marked his first time ever playing a live tournament and allowed him the option to buy into the TOC for $15,000. He ran hot on Day 1 to bag the chip lead, but relinquished it during Day 2. He eventually began the Day 3 televised final table fifth of six in the counts, but six hours later he was the champion of champions in the WPT’s inaugural event.

“It’s something I cannot believe,” Yachou told the WPT’s Richard Ryan. “I am sitting with only champions. I said to myself, ‘I will be glad finishing 30th or 35th.’ Then, slowly, day by day, hand by hand, it all came together. Everything came to me.”

Yachou’s path to the winner’s circle went through Florida’s own Michael Mizrachi (third), Jonathan Jaffe (fourth), Noah Schwartz (fifth) and others. The TOC was the last of 30 events on the 2016 SHRP Showdown schedule. The 25-day series was headlined by the $3,500 Championship. The tournament drew a 1,222-entry field creating a $3,910,400 prize pool that bested the $2,000,000 guarantee comfortably. Justin Young claimed the title, $654,161 and a $15,000 TOC seat.

Other notable events on the Showdown schedule included a $25,500 High Roller that drew 94 entries as well as the $10,000 Finale, a WPT Main Tour freeze-out that drew 342 players good for a $3,249,000 prize pool. The TOC marked the finale of finales and didn’t disappoint. The event began Friday and narrowed to 31 remaining players following 10 levels of action. Yachou lead the way with Mizrachi second, Young third, Ravi Raghavan fourth and Keven Stammen fifth. Day 2 kicked off Saturday at the Seminole Hard Rock’s Paradise Live and numerous notables hit the rail over the next 11 hours. Joe Hachem, Ryan Van Sanford, Anthony Zinno, Griffin Paul and Matt Salsberg were among those to bust shy of the money. Raghavan went on to be the tournament’s bubble boy busting ninth late in the day. From there, Yevgeniy Timoshenko busted eighth for $38,160 and Andy Frankenberger narrowly missed the televised final table being eliminated seventh earning $47,400.

The third and final session began Sunday evening in Hard Rock Live under the bright lights of the WPT set and in front of dozens of television production cameras. Jaffe lead the final six but action was slow to start. The tournament stretched deep into the structure shallowing the stacks and leveling the playing field. It wasn’t until nearly three hours into the day Darren Elias busted sixth. He was followed by Schwartz fifth, and start-of-day leader Jaffe fourth. The crowd favorite, Mizrachi was next to go in third leaving Yachou and Vlad Davie to battle it out for the tournament’s $381,600 top prize. Yachou held a slight edge to start and needed just 11 hands to best Davie. Davie earned $224,190 for his runner-up finish.

Final results:

1st: Farid Yachou – $381,600* + 2016 Chevrolet Corvette
2nd: Vlad Davie – $224,190
3rd: Michael Mizrachi – $140,450
4th: Jonathan Jaffe – $95,400
5th: Noah Schwartz – $74,200
6th: Darren Elias – $58,300
7th: Andy Frankenberger – $47,400
8th: Yevgeniy Timoshenko – $38,160

*Includes $15,000 seat in 2017 TOC

With the SHRP Showdown in the books, next up at the Seminole Hard Rock is the SHRPO which kicks off July 28. That full tournament schedule is available at SHRPO.com.

WPT TOC: Farid Yachou Wins Inaugural WPT Tournament of Champions ($381,600)

WPT Tournament of Champions
Level 22: 12,000/24,000 with a 4,000 ante
Players Remaining: 1 of 64

Farid Yachou
Farid Yachou

Vlad Darie raised to 50,000 on the button and Farid Yachou defended his big blind.

The flop was 8h2h2c and Yachou checked. Darie bet 50,000 and Yachou check-raised to 250,000. Darie tanked for almost his entire 30 second time bank before calling.

The turn was the Tc and Yachou bet 200,000. Darie called and the river was the 8d.

Yachou moved all in for 1,585,000, which was much more than what Darie had remaining. Darie thought for a good chunk of his time clock and then called.

Yachou showed As2d, good for deuces full and Darie tabled Kc7d, giving him the two pair on the board with a king kicker. Darie was eliminated in second place and Yachou won the title.

Darie took home $224,190 for his second place finish and Yachou  netted $381,600 for his win. Yachou also took home a brand new corvette for the title.

Vlad Darie
Vlad Darie

Farid Yachou – 2016 WPT Tournament of Champions Winner
Vlad Darie – Eliminated in 2nd Place

WPT TOC: Michael Mizrachi – 3rd Place ($140,450)

WPT Tournament of Champions
Level 22: 12,000/24,000 with a 4,000 ante
Players Remaining: 2 of 64

Michael Mizrachi
Michael Mizrachi

Michael Mizrachi raised on the button to 50,000 and Farid Yachou used one of his time bank chips before moving all in. Mizrachi calls and is all in for 360,000 and the cards are tabled.

Mizrachi showed Kc9c and was flipping for his tournament life against Yachou’s 4d4c.

There was a four in the window to deflate Mizrachi and his rail as the flop came KdTs4h. Mizrachi got up and shook hands with Yachou, knowing he needed running cards to win the pot.

The turn was the 6s and the river was the 8d to eliminate the man known as “The Grinder” was eliminated in third place. He took home $140,500 for third place and Yachou was left to play heads-up for the title against Vlad Darie.

Farid Yachou – 1,656,000 (69 bb)
Michael Mizrachi – Eliminated