$10M GTD: Blair Hinkle Now Has 25% of All the Chips in Play

Blair Hinkle

Larry Klur raises from the cutoff to 200,000, and chipleader Blair Hinkle (pictured) calls from the button. The flop comes Qh 9d 8h, Klur bets 325,000, and Hinkle calls.

The turn is the Ac, Klur checks, Hinkle bets 415,000, and Klur calls. Klur checks in the dark, and the 3h falls on the turn. Hinkle bets 1,600,000, and Klur calls.

Hinkle shows 7h 5h for a heart flush, and Klur says, “Oh, I didn’t even see that. Nice hand.” Klur flashes his cards and says, “Aces up.” Klur mucks, and Hinkle wins the pot to increase his chip lead.

Blair Hinkle  –  17,850,000  (223 bb)
Larry Klur  –  2,800,000  (35 bb)

With about 71.5 million in chips in play, Blair Hinkle has about 25% of all the chips. That is an amazing percentage for this stage of the tournament, with 14 players remaining.