$10M GTD: A-K vs. A-K For Blair Hinkle and Mark Radoja

Ryan Olisar raises from the cutoff to 125,000, Blair Hinkle reraises from the button to 275,000, and Mark Radoja moves all in from the small blind for about 1.9 million.

Olisar folds, and Hinkle calls with Ah Kc. Radoja turns over As Kh, and it’ll be a chop unless somebody makes a flush.

The board comes Jc 9c 7h Qc 6d, and Hinkle turns a club flush draw on a freeroll, but misses. It’s a chopped pot.

Blair Hinkle  –  7,650,000  (127 bb)
Mark Radoja  –  1,950,000  (32 bb)