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Event 1 Day 1A: Breaking Tables

Players continue to find their way to the door at regular intervals and all tables are now in the upstairs area. Only 11 tables are now in play as the field has been reduced to less than 100 remaining in Day 1A.

Play is scheduled to run through 14 hours or 9% of the starting field, it will be a race to see which hits first. No one has pulled out as a clear cut leader but they will begin to emerge as the day moves along.

The previous declaration of Mike Beasley’s demise was exaggerated as his new re-entry seat  was well hidden. He moves into Level 7 with a healthy stack as the blinds increase to 250/500/50 ante.


Event 1 Day 1A: Former Champion Eliminated

The mellow pace of the first four levels gave no indication of how fast things would move after the first break. There has been a regular stream of players heading downstairs with their stack going to someone else at the table.

2011 Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open” Champion Mike Beasley was one of the early eliminations but he will be a regular presence throughout the entire series. 120 players of the starting 188 are into Level 6 as the blinds are up to 200/400/50 ante.

Blair Hinkle, 2013 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Champion
2013 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Champion Blair Hinkle overlooking Table 41

Event 1 Day 1A: First Break of the Day

The last level before the close of registration and re-entry always brings an increase in activity as short-stacked players need to make a decision. Most will make aggressive moves to double up or bust that buy-in to re-enter for a fresh stack. This produced some big action as 9h2h cracked pocket Kings on one table while another table had flopped quad Queens with QSTH against Aces.

As players went on their first break of the day, they were presented with one more option by the tournament staff. They could surrender their remaining stack and re-enter before the end of the break. It does not look like any chose this option and the remaining players are now on a 15-minute break.

Event 1 Day 1A: Food or Fold

The tournament clock is showing 150 players now in Event 1 Day 1A with a full level remaining for registration or re-entry. The sound level in the poker room is building as more players make their way through the doors and take their seats. The field continues to build as they head into Level 4 with 100/200 blinds.

Players are also adding to the buzz with their calls to the cocktail servers, keeping them busy ordering coffee, water, and food from the great poker room menu. When food arrives for one player, it isn’t long before the rest of the table follows along.

No major hands or eliminations over the last level as the players still have a lot of chips at their disposal and are enjoying their afternoon at the tables. We will have a final field size for Day 1A after close of registration.

The Poker Room at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino - Hollywood, FL

Event 1 Day 1A: Seats Open

Even with the deep stacks, it still didn’t take long for the first elimination and dealer call of “seat open”. The unfortunate first knock out wasn’t happy or interested in detailing the hand but she made her way to the cage to pay the re-entry fee.

The field has gone over 130 entrants midway through the 2nd level of the day and all tables are in use on the second level of The Poker Room. The field is expected to expand with over an hour remaining in registration and players still lining up.

Even with all the great tournament action during Event 1 of the Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open”, the tables downstairs are also filling up for those who prefer their action in cash games. Plenty of great play can be found as we head into the afternoon.

Tournament poker upstairs with cash game action downstairs
Tournament poker upstairs with cash game action downstairs

Event 1 Day 1A: Tables and Seats Filling

It took a few minutes before players made their way The Poker Room at Seminole Hard Rock but the seats are filling quickly. Event 1 is being played on the second level tables and they are now all underway as the field doubled in the first 15 minutes to top 100 players before the end of the first level.

With stacks 200 big blinds deep, players are still getting a feel for their opponents as they have plenty of chips to make moves and study the table. A lot of laughter and fun in the early stages of the tournament with little pressure, that will come later as they move deeper into the tournament.

Event 1 Day 1A underway
Event 1 Day 1A is underway and the field is growing

Event 1: No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack Day 1A

Play is underway in the first tournament of the Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open”. Event 1 is a $125 buy-in No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack tournament with a $150,000 Guarantee prizepool and eight starting days.

Eliminated players can re-enter the tournament through the first four levels of each starting day. Those players that have chip stacks in more than one starting flight will have their largest stack advanced to Day 2.

Players begin the tournament with chip stacks of 10,000  and 25/50 blinds. The levels will last 30 minutes during Day 1 with breaks every four levels. 58 players were registered at the start of play on Day 1A with players lined up to buy-in.

Dealers and staff prepare for Event 1 Day 1A
Dealers and staff prepare for Event 1 Day 1A

Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Poker Champs

Full list of Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Poker Champions

YearSeriesEntriesPrize PoolWinner1st Place
2011Showdown433$4,156,800Taylor von Kriegenbergh$1,122,340
2011Summer Splash391$782,000Brian Hastings$213,877
2011RRPO331$761,300Farhan Madhani$172,408
2012LHPO295$958,750Matthew Juttelstad$268,444
2012Showdown290$2,784,000Tommy Vedes$779,520
2012Summer Splash198$421,000Michael Frazin$130,505
2012RRPO329$493,500Victor Figueroa$105,000
2013LHPO369$1,199,250Matt Giannetti$298,304
2013Showdown542$2,547,400Kevin Eyster$660,395
2013SHRPO2,384$11,920,000Blair Hinkle$1,745,245
2013RRPO482$723,000Matthew Waxman$123,598
2014Showdown1,795$5,788,875Eric Afriat$1,081,184
2014SHRPO1,499$10,000,000Dan Colman$1,446,710
2014RRPO601$2,000,000Chris Bolek$480,000
2015LHPO1,027$3,286,400Brian Altman$723,008
2015Showdown1,476$5,000,000Griffin Paul$1,000,000
2015SHRPO907$5,000,000Omar Zazay$1,000,000
2015RRPO766$2,451,200Jake Bazeley$568,687
2016LHPO1,684$1,633,480Salomon Ponte$344,420
2016Showdown1,222$3,910,400Justin Young$654,161
2016SHRPO847$5,000,000Jason Koon$1,000,000
2016RRPO760$2,432,000Patrick Mahoney$564,227
2017LHPO1,509$1,463,730Michael Graffeo$290,687
2017Showdown1,207$3,862,400Tony Sinishtaj$661,283
2017SHRPO887$4,301,950Martin Kozlov$754,083
2017WSOPC904$1,356,000Joseph Gotlieb$257,638
2017RRPO585$2,000,000Michael Newman$374,240
2018LHPO911$2,915,200Darryll Fish$511,604
2018Showdown1,309$4,188,800Scott Margereson$696,740
2018SHRPO914$4,432,900Brandon Eisen$771,444
2018RRPO898$2,873,600Pavel Plesuv$504,820
2019LHPO1,634$1,584,980Jason Young$263,205
2019Showdown1,360$4,352,000James Carroll$715,175
2019SHRPO809$3,923,650Sean Winter$698,175
2019RRPO988$3,161,600Milen Stefanov$545,070
2020LHPO843$2,697,600Brian Altman$482,636
2021LHPO1,573$5,033,600Ilyas Muradi$620,000
2021Showdown2,482$7,942,400Brek Schutten$1,261,095
2021SHRPO1,180$5,723,000Dimitri Vorbe$929,365
2021RRPO1,566$5,011,200Gediminas Uselis$778,490
2022LHPO1,982$6,342,400Alex Yen$975,240
2022Showdown2,010$6,432,000Mark Davis$1,000,300
2022SHRPO1,110$5,383,500Sergio Aido$900,100
2022RRPO1,541$4,931,200Andrew Wilson$785,500
2023LHPO1,692$5,414,400Marius Gierse$605,000
2023Showdown2,290$7,328,000Bin Weng$1,128,250
2023SHRPO1,070$5,189,500Farid Jattin$655,000
2023RRPO1,447$4,630,400Istvan Briski$647,300
2024LHPO1,188$3,801,600Raminder Singh$486,353