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Level 9 Begins w/ 626 Entrants

Level 8 comes to an end, and Level 9 begins with increased blinds of 300-600 and a 75 ante. Play continues without a break.

The tournament clock shows 626 entrants in the Day 1A field, and registration remains open until the end of the dinner break (about 8:00 pm). Players who bust may re-enter as many times as they’d like until registration closes on each of the three starting days.

Thomas Laviano Busts Two Players to Reach 155,000

There was just a massive three-way all-in situation at Table 7 that crowned a new chipleader in the field.

An unknown player raises from middle position, Thomas Laviano calls from the hijack, and Barry Hutter moves all in from the cutoff for about 10,000. The original raiser calls, and Laviano moves all in over the top. The original raiser calls, and they turn over their cards.

Here they are, in descending order of chip counts:

Thomas Laviano:  Ac Ad
Middle-Position Player:  Jd Js
Barry Hutter:  Kh Qs

The board comes 8d 6d 5d 3d 7d, and Laviano wins the pot with an ace-high diamond flush to eliminate both players and catapult into the chip lead with more than 150,000.

Thomas Laviano  –  155,000  (310 bb)
Barry Hutter  –  Eliminated