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Event 7: Final Two Tables

Here are the seating assignments for the final two tables in Event 7 ($560 NLHE w/ $1 Million Guarantee). The blinds have just increased to 60,000-120,000 with a 20,000 ante.

Seat 1.  Ray Piccin
Seat 2.  Panagiotis Nifakos
Seat 3.  Johnny Miller
Seat 4.  Bryan Campanello
Seat 5.  Neville Darrell
Seat 6.  Ronald Brown
Seat 7.  Sam Barnhart
Seat 8.  Kyle Fleischmann
Seat 9.  Chang Huang

Seat 1.  Wendy Freedman
Seat 2.  Nicolas Cardyn
Seat 3.  John Pendl
Seat 4.  Ty Reiman
Seat 5.  Mike Malin
Seat 6.  Darren Rabinowitz
Seat 7.  Joe Cohen
Seat 8.  Ben Zamani
Seat 9.  Andjelko Andrejevic

Event 15 ($240 Seniors NLHE) Is Underway

There are two events playing down to a final table today — the massive field Event 7 ($560 NLHE w/ $1 Million Guarantee) will resume play at 2:00 pm, and Event 11 ($2,200 NLHE) will continue at 1:00 pm.

There are three new events that start today, starting with the Seniors event at noon:

12:00 pm:  Event 15  ($240 Seniors NLHE w/ $10K Guarantee)
1:00 pm:  Event 16  ($350 6-Handed NLHE w/ $20K Guarantee)
6:00 pm:  Event 17  ($300 NLHE w/ $25K Guarantee)

The Seniors event is already underway, and we will keep an eye on the field size and prizepool when registration closes at the end of Level 4 (shortly after 2:00 pm).

Our primary coverage today will be of the final 19 players in Event 7 ($560 NLHE w/ $1 Million Guarantee). Stay tuned.

Event 7: Johnny Miller Increases His Chipleading Stack to 10 Million

Johnny Miller (right) puts in a cold four-bet of 1.1 million against Bryan Campanello (left) and Andy Hwang (not shown).
Johnny Miller (right) puts in a cold four-bet of 1.1 million against Bryan Campanello (left) and Andy Hwang (not shown).

After the redraw for the final three tables, the two chipleaders found themselves sitting side-by-side at the featured table, with Johnny Miller (pictured above, on the right) having position against Bryan Campanello (pictured, left).

The photo above was taken during the hand that took Miller’s chip stack across the 10 million mark.

Andy Hwang min-raises UTG+1 to 180,000, Campanello reraises from the small blind to 340,000, and Miller puts in a cold four-bet from the big blind to 1,100,000. Hwang folds, and Campanello folds behind him.

Miller shows AhKh as he collects the preflop pot to increase his chip lead.

Johnny Miller  –  10,150,000  (112 bb)
Bryan Campanello  –  6,200,000  (68 bb)
Andy Hwang  –  1,475,000  (16 bb)

(Unfortunately for Hwang, he was eliminated in about 24th place a few minutes later.)

Event 7: Johnny Miller Leads the Final 27

The field of Event 7 ($560 NLHE) is down to the final three tables — 27 players. They are currently redrawing for new seats, and then play will continue.

If they don’t reach the final table by 3:00 am, action will stop for the night. That seems like the most likely scenario right now, with less than 90 minutes left.

The new chipleader appears to be Johnny Miller with 8.75 million, followed by Bryan Campanello with 6.7 million.

Here are the chip counts for a couple notable players still in the field, along with some photos:

Johnny Miller  –  8,750,000  (109 bb)
Bryan Campanello  –  6,700,000  (83 bb)
Andy Hwang  –  1,750,000  (21 bb)
Ty Reiman  –  1,700,000  (21 bb)
Jimmy Tran  –  1,200,000  (15 bb)


Bryan Campanello - 6.7 million in chips
Bryan Campanello – 6.7 million in chips


Andy Hwang - 1.75 million in chips
Andy Hwang – 1.75 million in chips


Ty Reiman - 1.7 million in chips
Ty Reiman – 1.7 million in chips


Jimmy Tran - 1.2 million in chips
Jimmy Tran – 1.2 million in chips

Field Updates: Event 11 ($2,200 NLHE) and Event 14 ($150 NLHE)

Event 11 ($2,200 NLHE) started earlier today, and attracted 85 players. There are currently 26 remaining, with an average chip stack around 49,000.

Some of the notable players in the field include Ashton Griffin, David Paredes, Dermot Blaine, Barry Hutter, Justin Conley, James Hoeppner, Zachary Kessler, and John Gordon.

The top nine players will finish in the money:

1st:  $59,500
2nd:  $34,000
3rd:  $22,100
4th:  $15,300
5th:  $11,900
6th:  $9,350
7th:  $7,650
8th:  $5,950
9th:  $4,250

On the other end of the buy-in spectrum, Event 14 ($150 NLHE) also started this afternoon, attracting 428 players.

The field is down to 120 players, and the top 45 will finish in the money, guaranteed at least $257. First place is worth $13,554.

Jorie Polokoff Wins Event 13 ($240 NLHE Escalator)

Event 13 started earlier today and has already reached a conclusion. How did it go so quickly? Because it was a $240 buy-in no-limit hold’em “Escalator” tournament.

The first level was just three minutes long, the second level was six minutes long, the third level was nine minutes long, and so on, adding three minutes to each level until they reach one hour in duration.

When the field got down to the final seven players, they agreed to a straight 7-way chop, with Jorie Polokoff taking the trophy.

1st:  Jorie Polokoff  –  $2,014
2nd:  Francis Garcia  –  $2,014
3rd:  Susanna Braman  –  $2,014
4th:  Timothy O’Dell  –  $2,014
5th:  Patrick Hughes  –  $2,014
6th:  Marvin McCord  –  $2,014
7th:  Chris Karambinis  –  $2,014
8th:  Dana Kellstrom  –  $525
9th:  Marcela Newmark  –  $375

Event 7: Bryan Campanello and Ty Reiman Lead the Final 92

The remaining 92 players returned from break to begin Level 26, with increased blinds of 20,000-40,000 and a 5,000 ante. The average chip count is about 920,000 (23 big blinds).

Here is a look at the official chipleaders from the break:

1.  Bryan Campanello  –  2,580,000  (64 bb)
2.  Ty Reiman  –  2,535,000  (63 bb)
3.  Ron Brown  –  2,255,000  (56 bb)
4.  Josh Kay  –  2,150,000  (53 bb)
5.  Jon Cohen  –  2,120,000  (53 bb)

Update: Shortly after play resumed, Campanello eliminated Steven Levy to increase his stack even further to 3 million in chips (75 big blinds).

Action is scheduled to continue tonight until there is a winner, though that might change if it continues past 3:00 am.



Jason Like Wins Event 10 ($240 H.O.R.S.E.)

The final table of Event 10 ($240 H.O.R.S.E.) came to an end earlier today when the final five players agreed to a chop, awarding the title to chipleader Jason Like.

Here is the complete list of payouts, followed by photos of the eight final tablists:

1st:  Jason Like  –  $4,999
2nd:  Bruce Zalkin  –  $2,520
3rd:  Ed Ward  –  $2,519
4th:  Mark Robinson  –  $2,519
5th:  Gary Flur  –  $2,519
6th: Jordan Chiznick  –  $1,000
7th:  Barry Levy  –  $796
8th:  BoB Poolos  –  $592
9th:  Ralph Broderick  –  $428
10th:  Ronald Unger  –  $428
11th:  Christopher Kasper  –  $428
12th:  Arnold Cohen  –  $428
13th:  Ky MacPherson  –  $306
14th:  Wendell Morse  –  $306
15th:  Michelle Lau  –  $306
16th:  Joseph Antelo  –  $306


Jason Like, Winner of Event 10 ($240 H.O.R.S.E.)  -  $4,999
Jason Like, Winner of Event 10 ($240 H.O.R.S.E.) – $4,999


2nd Place: Bruce Zalkin  -  $2,520
2nd Place: Bruce Zalkin – $2,520


Tied for 3rd Place: Ed Ward  -  $2,519
Tied for 3rd Place: Ed Ward – $2,519


Tied for 3rd Place: Mark Robinson  -  $2,519
Tied for 3rd Place: Mark Robinson – $2,519


Tied for 3rd Place:  Gary Flur  -  $2,519
Tied for 3rd Place: Gary Flur – $2,519


6th Place: Jordan Chizick  -  $1,000
6th Place: Jordan Chizick – $1,000


7th Place: Barry Levy  -  $796
7th Place: Barry Levy – $796


8th Place: BoB Poolos  -  $592
8th Place: BoB Poolos – $592

Event 7 ($560 NLHE): Chino Rheem Out Before the Dinner Break

The field is down below 200 players as the 40-minute dinner break is about to start in a couple of minutes. Action is scheduled to resume shortly after 7:50 pm ET.

Recent chipleader Chino Rheem had a dramatic reversal of fortune after the Money Bubble, as he is now in the payout line with the other eliminated players. So we will have a new chipleader.

Some of Rheem’s chips may have ended up in the stack of Bryan Campanello, who is now up over 1 million.

Event 10 ($240 HORSE) Ends in a 5-Way Chop

While the Money Bubble was in progress in the massive field for Event 7, Event 10 ($240 HORSE) quietly came to an end with a five-way chop.

Chipleader Jason Like was awarded the trophy and $4,999 in prize money.

It may be a while before we can provide more details of who finished where, because the payout desk is currently swamped with the flurry of bustouts from Event 7. We’ll get the data and post it here as soon as things calm down a bit for the tournament staff.

Correction: There was some miscommunication in the results earlier, but they’ve been corrected.