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Event 1: A Look at Chipleaders Near the Money Bubble

A careful scan thru the field of Event 1 ($350 No-Limit Hold’em) at the break turned up about a dozen players with more than 500,000 in chips. Here’s a look at the top of the leaderboard:

1.  Robert Malloy  –  780,000  (130 bb)
2.  Brayden Fritzshall  –  715,000  (119 bb)
T-3.  Zachary Kessler  –  645,000  (107 bb)
T-3.  Angelo Miele  –  645,000  (107 bb)
5.  Francis Margaglione  –  605,000  (100 bb)
6.  Marvin Young  –  600,000  (100 bb)

There were 375 players remaining at the break, and 20 minutes later, that number has already fallen to 342. The field will reach the money at 306 players.

There is a lot of action out in the field, and there has already been some movement at the top of the leaderboard since the break. Robert Malloy and Brayden Fritzshall have both fallen below 700,000, and Angelo Miele has taken the lead with about 720,000.

Miele may have the tournament chip lead, but he’s not in a great position at his table. Marvin Young is sitting on his immediate left, now with about 675,000 in chips.

Zachary Kessler was poised to take the chip lead after David Diaz moved all in from the button for 104,500 with AS9S. Kessler called with a dominating ACQS.

But the board came QCJD10H2S8D, and Diaz rivered a queen-high straight to win the pot and double up to about 230,000.

If his A-Q would have held up, Kessler would’ve had the chip lead with about 780,000, but instead he has fallen to about 550,000.

Event 1: 375 Players Left; 306 Get Paid

With the first three levels of the day complete, the players in Event 1 ($350 No-Limit Hold’em) take their first 15-minute break of the day. When action resumes at 3:30 pm EDT, the blinds will be 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante.

With 375 players remaining from a field of 3,391, the average chip stack is about 180,000 (30 big blinds).

The field is getting closer to the Money Bubble, as the final 306 players will be guaranteed at least $407.

We’ve used the break to scan for the big stacks in the field, and we’ll attach names to those stacks shortly after play resumes and post the leaderboard here.

Event 1: Bill Mullins Eliminated

Bill Mullins started the day with 107,900 in Event 1 ($350 No-Limit Hold’em), but couldn’t get much going here on Day 2 as two hands led to his downfall.

Mullins lost about half of his stack when his pocket tens couldn’t hold off Q-8.

A short while later, action folded to the small blind, who limped with Q-Q. Mullins checked his option in the big blind with 6-5.

The flop came J-7-5, the small blind checked his over pair, Mullins bet his pair of fives, and the small blind called.

The turn was an 8, giving Mullins a pair with an open-ended straight draw. The small blind check-called another bet with his overpair of queens.

The river was an A, and the small blind continued his slow play by checking again. Mullins bet his pair of fives, and the small blind thought for a while before he called to win the pot with his pocket queens.

Mullins has been eliminated from Event 1, but he has already walked over to sign up for Event 2 ($1,000 No-Limit Hold’em).

Event 1: Prizepool Worth >$1 Million; 1st Place is $138,952

Day 2 of Event 1 ($350 No-Limit Hold’em) began with about 20% of the field remaining (697 players from a field of 3,391 entrants), and the big story today will be the Money Bubble. The final 306 players will finish in the money, guaranteed at least $407. The total prizepool is worth $1,017,300.

First place is worth $138,952, nearly 400x the buy-in of $350.

Here is the full list of payouts for Event 1 ($350 No-Limit Hold’em):

1st:  $138,952
2nd:  $103,970
3rd:  $79,615
4th:  $56,870
5th:  $39,265
6th:  $30,240
7th:  $23,020
8th:  $16,880
9th:  $12,095
10th-12th:  $9,766
13th-15th:  $7,630
16th-18th:  $6,409
19th-27th:  $5,392
28th-36th:  $4,578
37th-45th:  $3,866
46th-54th:  $3,357
55th-63rd:  $2,950
64th-72nd:  $2,645
73rd-81st:  $2,340
82nd-90th:  $2,136
91st-99th:  $1,933
100th-108th:  $1,628
109th-117th:  $1,526
118th-126th:  $1,424
127th-135th:  $1,322
136th-144th:  $1,221
145th-162nd:  $1,119
163rd-180th:  $1,017
181st-198th:  $916
199th-216th:  $814
217th-234th:  $712
235th-252nd:  $610
253rd-279th:  $509
280th-306th:  $407