Big Slick: Michael Newman Eliminated 4th ($8,977)

$1,100 Big Slick
$100,000 Guaranteed, $5,250 Seat Added

Level 21: 8,000/16,000/2,000
Players Remaining: 3/148

Michael Newman

AJ Gambino was under the gun and opened to 35,000. It was on TK Miles in the small blind and he three-bet to 118,000 sending the action to Michael Newman in the big blind. Newman four-bet jammed 442,000. It was back to Gambino who started it all. He flatted Newman’s shove and Miles had a decision on his hands.

Gambino claimed a little over 500,000 behind. Miles took a couple minutes to think, then shoved. Gambino flashed axkx and folded leaving Miles and Newman to fight it out for the huge pot.

Miles: qdqh
Newman: asjs

Runout: 9d7d5stc7c

Miles’ queens held and he scooped a massive pot while Newman was eliminated in fourth place.

TK Miles – 2,050,000 (128 bb)
Michael Newman – Eliminated 4th ($8,977)