Championship Day 1B: Kevin Saul vs. Brian Altman

$5,250 SHRPO Championship
$3 Million Guaranteed | Structure
Level 6: 300/600 with a 75 ante
Flight B Entries: 444
Total Entries: 851

Brian Altman

At least four players were involved in a growing pot on a QhTs7h flop].  A player in the blinds checked, and Kevin Saul bet 1,600 from his position under the gun. Only Brian Altman called.

The turn was the 3c, and Altman called another bet of 6,200 from Saul.

The river was the 4s, and both players checked.

“Queen?” Saul half-asked. Altman leaned forward to see it, so Saul tabled Qs8s. Altman stared it down for another moment before mucking, and Saul won the pot.

Altman is the chip leader with the final table pending in the $1,100 Big 4 event, and he’s doing what he can to make multi-tabling a necessity on Tuesday. This exchange with Saul is a bit of a setback, but he’s still over starting stack with the dinner break approaching.

Kevin Saul – 85,000 (142 bb)
Brian Altman – 35,000 (58 bb)