Championship: Kristen Foxen Eliminated in 34th Place by Justin Datloff

$3,500 LHPO Championship (Re-Entry)
$2,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts | Results
Level 23:  20,000/40,000 with a 40,000 ante
Players Remaining:  33 of 1,188

Kristen Foxen

After a series of raises, Kristen Foxen found herself all in and at risk for about 1,800,000 against chip leader Justin Datloff.

Foxen: KcKd
Datloff: AcKs

Foxen was in great shape to into or very near the chip lead with her kings and improved to a set on the KhJc7s flop. The Qh turn left her with four gutshot outs to fade but Datloff hit the Tc river to make his broadway straight.

Justin Datloff – 5,280,000 (132 bb)
Kristen Foxen – Eliminated in 34th Place ($16,000)