Event 1: 11th Place – Tristan Wade

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 32:  Blinds 80k/160k/20k ante

Tristan Wade - 11th Place
Tristan Wade – 11th Place

Tristan Wade got all-in pre-flop holding As2h and was dominated by Dan Suied’s AcTd.  The board of 9 4 3 9 6 changed nothing and Dan took the pot.

Tristan reported to the rail in 11th place, earning $8,634.

At the same time on the other table, Steele Sutter was all-in with pocket Tens against Reinaldo Troconis’ pocket Aces.  Looked like Steele was going to finish 10th, but he spiked a Ten on the turn to make a set and double up.

The final ten players drew for seats and moved to a single table, took a short break, and resumed play.