Event 1: Bagging 1C

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Max Romano
Max Romano, 1C Leader

The third flight of Event 1 has come to a close and it matched 1B for drama at the end. There was a three-way all-in at Table 10 that would qualify for the high-hand bonus in the cash games.

Elliott Zaydman was one of those at risk and way behind with Ks9d against KcQs and AhKh. Dmitry Shekhter held Suited Slick then flopped the world with QhJhTc. Zaydman could only draw to a miracle chop but it came to a big end on the Th turn to give Shekhter the Royal.

The end-of-flight race for the lead ended with Max Romano’s 382,500 edging out Richie Russ’ 364,500 going into Day 2. Also bagging chips for 1C were Luis Santino, Raminder Singh, Marsha Wolak, along Zach and Jeff Kessler.

Unofficially 69 players survived 1C to join the 96 from 1A/B and we will have the official numbers when they are available.