Event 1: Frank Traino, 14th place, $1,574

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Blinds 25K/50K Ante 5K

The flop was 8-5-4 and Frank Traino had moved all in over the top of his opponent’s 225K raise for approximately 300K more. His opponent took over a minute before proclaiming “too much in there” and made the call with 5C3C. Before seeing his opponent’s cards Traino said “good call” not realizing he was actually ahead with his pocket 7’s.

“3 or a 5” the bigger stack asked before the dealer put out an Ace on the turn.

“3, 5, Deuce,” he revised his request. This time the dealer obliged, putting a deuce up on the felt to deliver the knock out blow to Frank. Still an excellent finish.