Event 1: A Talker, A Birthday And A Shady

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 8: 300/600/75 Ante

To say Table 50 has been lively tonight is an understatement.  Josh Hillock has been the biggest talker of this flight with some snappy banter and making a loose call earlier with a 7-8 against an all-in player holding A-J and begging the dealer for the card to win the hand (which it did on the river.)

Before the break, Hillock raised from the big blind with three players limping in.  Paul Prager made the call.  With a J-J-6 board, Prager and Hillock traded joking barbs.  After the turn, Prager bet Hillock out of the hand and then showed the nut flush bluff – to yours truly who was watching the action.  But the table insisted that “King Shady” had exposed his hand and had to show everyone.  After a floor call from Prager, he then showed the bluff and laughed it off.

Witnessing all of this chaos was Joanna Plessis who is celebrating a birthday with us here tonight.  Plessis is freerolling thanks to her husband who helped buy her in as a present.  Happy Birthday to Joanna and thanks for spending it with us!