Event 10 1B: 99 Problems

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds: 600/1.2k/200 ante

Down to 11 tables in the field and #100 went out in a blaze of glory. The 7-seat on Table 32 has a smile on his face as he fired bets on all streets and the 1-seat came along the entire way. He was showing now feat of the Ace-high flop or the board have three hearts by the river.

He put in his last 11,000 chips and the 1-seat finally took his time to make a decision. After a good 5-minute tank, he said “I think you’re full of (redacted).” The 1-seat rolled over 3h3d which turned out to be a hero call. The 7-seat tried to muck his hand but they have rules here about all-in players showing their cards. The dealer turned over the almighty Hammer 7s2h and he was playing the board to get us to 99.

Two faces in room since the move upstairs are Juliet Yarina and Leon “Benny” Benmargui, among the recently departed was Zach Kessler who joined his father Jeff on the rail.