Event 10 Recap

Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open
Event 10:  $150  No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$150,000 Guaranteed

January 28th-31st, 2015

Pierre Rodriguez Event 10 Champion
Pierre Rodriguez
Event 10 Champion






Total Entries: 1,335
Total Prize Pool: $160,200

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In a low buy-in event like this, you always expect to see some wild play and fast action. Event 10 did not disappoint as the chips flew from the first cards being dealt on Day 1A all the way through the final table. When the dust settled early Sunday morning, Pierre Rodriguez was the last player standing after a four-way chop closed out the tournament.

At the final table, two ladies had found their way to a shot at the title but Azoulay Proper took out both of them right off the bat sending Anastasiia Egorova and Lois Bovit to the rail in two quick eliminations ending the hopes of either of them being the first female to win an open event this series.  Steve Anderson, who had been riding fives in some form or another throughout this entire event, had pocket fives finally betray him and was the next fall in 8th.

As play continued, the players were getting incredibly deep.  One hand could make or break their tournament as Everett Gilmore found out.  Gilmore had been playing very well throughout this event but took a rough beat to get knocked out in 7th.

At the players’ last break, Prosper and Tavaris Jackson were leading the way.  The first discussions of a deal took place but Jackson eventually turned it down after a long break in play and it ended up costing him as Pierre Rodriguez hit a two-outer against him and then John Feore caught running straight cards to send him out in 6th place.

After that another chop discussion happened and was turned down this time by John Feore.  Ironically, Feore soon found himself gone in 5th place after Matthew Friendly scored big with pocket aces against Feore’s fives.  With all this going on, Rodriguez had been playing some bold poker making move after move and chipping up.

It paid off as for the final time the players finally decided the variance was too high and ended play.  After the chips were counted, Rodriguez found himself as the top stack in a close race over Prosper and was crowned the winner of Event 10 outlasting the 1,335 entry field.

A very excited Rodriguez along with his rail couldn’t stop smiling as he was awarded the championship trophy.  “It’s been a very long grind.  Winning this tournament is just reaffirming that my decision about going pro is somewhat validated.  What’s helped me a lot is discussing hands with friends like Alejandro here and my sister who were here supporting me.  You have to just get out of harm’s way when you’re behind and wait for good spots.”

He also took the time to graciously compliment the staff as well saying “I’m very happy with the way the staff here conducted themselves and it feels great.  I didn’t expect this and at one point I had ten big blinds.  It was a great experience and looking forward to playing another tournament here at Seminole Hard Rock in the future.”

Congratulations to our Event 10 Champion – Pierre Rodriguez!

Final Table Results:
1st – Pierre Rodriguez (Miami, FL) – $26,684
2nd – Azoulay Prosper (Quebec, Canada) – $22,835
3rd – Matthew Friendly (Miami, FL) – $21,034
4th – Jason Ehlen (Miami, FL) – $17,877
5th – John Feore (Raleigh, NC) – $7,129
6th – Tavaris Jackson (Riveria Beach, FL)  – $5,527
7th – Everett Gilmore (Fort Lauderdale, FL) – $4,245
8th – Steve Anderson(Yakima, WA) – $3,124
9th – Lois Bovit (Boynton Beach, FL) – $2,179
10th – Anastasiia Egorova (Moscow) – $1,570

> Download complete list of event results.