Event 13: Guardino Triples, then Gets Quartered

$300 Omaha 8B (Re-Entry)

Level 19:  Limits 6k/12k

Michael Guardino got his last chips in after only looking at As2s and got two callers.  JJ Chun bet the turn with the board showing 8d5s4cKs forcing the other player to fold.

Michael was surprised when he rolled over pocket Aces AsAh8h2s but he knew he had the nut low locked up.  JJ rolled over KhKd8c7d for a set of Kings.

The river delivered the 3x giving Michael a wheel and the scoop, tripling him up.

Then Michael got involved in a three-way with Marc Perlman and Jeff Trudeau.  Jeff flopped a set of Queens for the high and Marc and Michael both had A2xxd for the nut low, each getting a quarter of the pot.