Event 2: Final Table and Money Bubble

$250 Limit Omaha/8 (Re-Entry)
Level 16: 6,000/12,000 Limits

RRPO EV02 Final Table_9152

The Omaha/8 tournament action slowed down as each table hit short-handed play. They moved into Level 16 as they lost the 11th player to form the final table.

There’s still a little business to settle with nine of them getting paid. Here’s the final table lineup and counts will be updated as they move along.

Seat 1: Mitchell Smith
Seat 2: Marc Levy
Seat 3: Scott Sharp
Seat 4: John Holley
Seat 5: Michael Guardino
Seat 6: Judith Green
Seat 7: Leonard St. Germain
Seat 8: Joey Prosper
Seat 9: Steven Gray
Seat 10: Jerome Kowalsky

1st: $4,536
2nd: $3,175
3rd: $2,041
4th: $1,512
5th: $1,134
6th: $907
7th: $756
8th: $605
9th: $454