Event 3: Hyon Chun – 4th Place ($905)

$300 H.O.R.S.E.
Level 19: Limits 6,000/12,000
Omaha 8

An action packed hand saw the end of the road for Hyon Chun. Chun and Stephen Reed had both been in trouble and it finally all fell apart in huge O8 hand.

With Moed in the big blind, Chun raised to 10k and Reed took it to 15k. Moed, with chips to spare took a stab at possibly eliminating both players. After a 3hAsTh flop, Chun went all-in, Reed called and Moed had to get out of the way.

Reed: AdAc6c6h
Chun: Ah9h5hQd

Chun’s fate was sealed on the turn with a 3s10d and Chun was eliminated in 4th place for $905. Only Moed, Reed and 68-year old Luis Santoni remain for the title.

Hyon Chun (Los Angeles, CA) - $905
Hyon Chun (Los Angeles, CA) – $905