Event 4: Daniel Buzgon – 3rd Place ($10,680)

$1,100 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 22: 5,000/10,000/1,000 Ante

Daniel Buzgon and Alain Rodriguez had a lot of work to get done in order to catch Aaron Mermelstein and they traded turns taking a stab.

Buzgon was the first to get a call and was racing with his Ah9h against Mermelstein’s 7s7c. The KcTs5h flop kept Mermestein in the lead but Buzgon added a gutshot on the Qs turn.

The Ks river was not what he needed and Buzgon was sent out in 3rd place for $10,680.

Heads up counts:

Seat 4: Aaron Mermelstein – 820,000 (82 bb)
Seat 5: Alain Rodriguez – 230,000 (23 bb)

Daniel Bugzon
Daniel Bugzon