Event 4 Flight A: Pasquale Caiazza Chipping Up

Escalator VII Series Event 4
$600 No-Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$400,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 10:  600/1,200 with a 1,200 ante
Flight A Players Remaining:  63 of 149

Pasquale Caiazza raised to 3,000 from under the gun, the next player to act three-bet to 7,000, James Anderson called on the button and Caiazza called.

The flop was Qh8h7d, Caiazza checked, the early-position player bet 45,000 (with about 8,000 behind), Anderson folded and Caiazza called.

The turn was the Kh, Caiazza checked, the early-position player bet his remaining 8,000 and Caiazza called with Th7h for a flush, having the land locked up against his opponent’s AdQd.

The river was a meaningless 4s and Caiazza scored the elimination.

Pasquale Caiazza  –  149,000  (124 bb)