Event 5: Million Chip Pot Before Break, Play Resumes

$150 No-Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Next Blinds 10k/20k/2k avg
52 Players Remaining, 451k avg (23 bb)

Santana Noromha
Santana Noromha Flushes MJ

During the last level we get word from one of our correspondents about a one million chip pot.  As told by Bobby Bresner (Las Vegas, NV) and confirmed by the table:

Michael Johnson (N. Miami, FL ) limps, Santana Noromha (Davie, FL) moves all in for 376k, a third player is all in for 250k and Johnson snap calls.

Johnson: AA
Noromha: AdKd
Opponent: KK

Flop: Jc7d4d (Noromha flush draw)
Turn: 6d (Noromha flush)
River: X

The two other players are drawing dead after the turn and Noromha wins a one million chip pot.

Johnson is left with only 18k and manages to get to 90k before busting in 58th place for $647.

Noromha has since lost 400k as players are back from dinner break.