Event 5D: Fire Away

$150 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 4: 150/300/25 ante

Three regulars dusted off their first stack in quick fashion and back with their second bullet of the day. Errol Massey walked into the room, said hello to everyone, and promptly picked up Kings his first hand only to run into Aces. He laughed it off and hit the registration desk.

Angel Vu and Nigel Murray didn’t make it out of the first hour on the first try and are now seated next to each other. The two talkative players battled early and it ended with Vu doubling through Murray when they were all-in pre-flop with TxTx versus 7s5s. Murray flopped bottom two but Vu flopped a Ten and rivered quads.

“My first quads!” Vu laughed.

Nigel Murray (left) and Angel Vu (right)
Nigel Murray (left) and Angel Vu (right)