Event 8: Pantaridis Departs

$560 Buy-In Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 12: Blinds 800/1,600/200 ante

Konstantinos Pantoridis
Konstantinos Pantaridis

Just before the blinds went up, (playing 600/1,200/200)  Konstantinos Pantaridis jammed his last 13k utg+1 and the player to his left came over the top to isolate.  Everyone else obliged by getting out of the pot.

Konstantinos rolled over Kd6c and was trailing his opponent’s JsJh.  The board flew out 7 6 2 A A and was no help to Konstantinos.  He busted out of this flight, but plans to try again in Flight B starting at 7pm.

Down to 153 players remaining in this flight which will play through the end of level 15 before bagging up for the night.