Event 9: Final 9 Set!

$250 Buy-In Seniors No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 18: 3K/6K/1K

A couple of the final 10 players asked the staff if it was possible that they could play past the 11pm scheduled stop time. After getting settled into their final table seats, the floor staff informed them that they will be playing until one more player was eliminated or exactly 11pm, whichever happened first.

Not even a few minutes had passed until Richard Glabman calls the all-in of Jerry Rand, and has his pocket fives hold up to bust out Rand in 10th place. The final 9 players are now set to come back for their restart tomorrow at 1pm in the ballroom.

Our chip leader going into Day 2 of the Seniors event is Yvonne McQuillan with 344K.
Yvonne McQuillan
Yvonne McQuillan

Here are the seating assignments and chip stacks of the final 9:

Seat 1 – Richard Arno 50K
Seat 3 – Robert Chow 83K
Seat 4 – John Cofhlin 131K
Seat 5 – Richard Glabman 163K
Seat 6 – Stanley Rosenthal 251K
Seat 7 – Alexander Brody 135K
Seat 8 – Yvonne McQuillan 344K
Seat 9 – Lisa Levy 113K
Seat 10 – Tom Curtis 193K

When they return tomorrow at 1pm, they’ll be continuing play at Level 18: 3K/6K/ 1K ante. Average stack is about 163K (27bbs).

Here is a reminder of what they are playing for:

Entries: 144
Prize Pool: $30,240

1st – $9,526
2nd – $5,443
3rd – $3,568
4th – $2,480
5th – $1,845
6th – $1,421
7th – $998
8th – $726
9th – $696