Main Event Day 2: Waxman Doubles Through Cong Pham

$1,500 + $150 Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Poker Open” Main Event

Blinds 2.5K/5K Antes 500

Shortly before the dinner break, Cong Pham and Matthew Waxman had battled in a medium sized pot with Waxman ultimately conceding the pot to a river bet from Pham. The two were at it again, this time after Waxman raised under the gun to 10K with Pham sitting in the small blind. Cong made it 27K to go and after confirming the amount Waxman made the call.

The flop came Qs7d3h and Pham led out for 31K. Waxman called with little hesitation. The turn was the 5d and Pham sat there stoic, the only motion coming from the quick shuffling of a stack of chips in his right hand. Cong took a quick glance at Pham and then pushed out a stack of 20 orange 1K chips with five 5K chips stacked on top for a total bet of 45K. Waxman responds by staring down at the felt, occasionally taking a glance at the board. He puts together the same stack and pushes it out slowly to make the call.

The river is the 5s and Cong asks Waxman “how much you have?” Matt responds by moving his hands up in the air and pushing forward his stack of 5K chips ever so slightly. Pham responds by announcing that he was all in and the dealer tossed the red ALL IN guitar pick towards him. Waxman asks Pham “how much you have left” and finds out that Cong has 185K. “So you have me covered,” Waxman whispers under his breath. Matt tosses a chip onto his cards and asks Pham “Big hand? You got a big hand over there?” He studies Cong a bit more and asks one last question “Just barreling off with nothing?”

He pulls the chip off the card, and shakes his head exhaling loudly. For a moment he looks as if he is going to fold but then he leans back, and takes a slow sip of water. He signals he is going to call by putting his phone is his pocket, almost as if he is expecting to lose the hand when he does call. A quick glance at the clock and then he says “I call.”

Cong turns over QcJc for Queens and Fives. Waxman responds with a blunt “No good” and turns over pocket Kings. Pham lets out a little smile and tells Waxman “nice hand”. Matt thanks Cong as he stacks his new found chips. He’s up to 540K after the double up while Pham was left with just a little over 20K.

Main Event Day 2 Photos 040Cong Pham studying Matt Waxman earlier in the tournament