Event 7: Moving Fast to the Break

$500  + $60 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds: 400/800/100 ante

Players are still hitting the rail at a regular pace despite the deep stacks. Just 63 players remain as staff race off the green chips and players head off on their second break of the day.

Mike Filipelli is the current chipleader with 110,000 with a few more stacks not far behind. Players will come back to blinds at 400/800/100 ante and an average stack of ~43,000.

Zach Kessler and Derrick Simon, fresh from 8th place finish in Event 6
Zach Kessler (left) and Derrick Simon (right), fresh from his 8th place finish in Event 6

Event 7: Breaking Tables

$500  + $60 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds: 250/500/50 ante

Event 7 is down to nine table with 81 players left in The Poker Room at Seminole Hard Rock. Huge preflop all-in pots have been rare with the average stack hanging around 66 big blinds. Table 35 did find a way to get three stacks in the middle at once as a short-stack shoved with 8d8h but was up against KdKc and JhJd.

No bad beat stories as the Kings held and the 6-seat knocked out two opponents, telling the dealer, “I want to tip you so bad.”

"Breaking Bad" beat at Table 37
“Breaking Bad” beat at Table 37

Event 7: Payout Information

$500  + $60 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds: 250/500/50 ante

The numbers are out and the Event 7 winner will walk away with $21,598. The tournament officially drew 135 entrants for a $67,500 and the top 15 spots will pay. Min-cash is $945 while everyone at the final table is guaranteed $1,350.

There are 90 players remaining as the field moves into Level 8.

10th – 12th$1,114
13th – 15th$945

Andrew Frier stays hot to win Event 6

$120 + $30 No Limit Hold ‘Em

It was a civil negotiation and the final five spots chopped up the remaining prizepool giving chipleader Andrew Frier the victory for $4,172. This is Frier’s second straight final table after his 4th place finish in Event 5 and he plans to come back for more.

The rest of the money was divided between Homer Molina ($3,623), Arthur Rodriguez ($3,445), Norman Guigui ($3,366), and Keith Wagner ($2,824). Complete Event 6 results are below.

Event 6 Champion, Andrew Frier
Event 6 Champion, Andrew Frier

Event 6 results:

1stAndrew Frier$4,172.00
2ndHomer Molina$3,623.00
3rdArthur Rodriguez$3,445.00
4thNorman Guigui$3,366.00
5thKeith Wagner$2,824.00
6thPaul Stanechewski$1,114.00
7thLawrence Cone$861.00
8thDerrick Simon$633.00
9thRon Blankenship$456.00
10thMike Filipelli$354.00
11thPhillip Tyson$354.00
12thAlbert Palma$354.00
13thJoshua Smith$304.00
14thJason Becher$304.00
15thWayne Luggery$304.00
16thEnrique Perez$266.00
17thEdwin Vasconcelos$266.00
18thThomas Cunningham$266.00
19thFrank Argano$228.00
20thNorbert Kara$228.00
21stSteven Frankel$228.00
22ndReggete Duvdivani$228.00
23rdJody Davis$228.00
24thChristopher Brown$228.00
25thMichael Saraceni$228.00
26thJames Salmon III$228.00
27thDamian Leite$228.00

Event 6: Paul Stanechewski eliminated in 6th ($1,114)

$120 + $30 No Limit Hold ‘Em

Blinds: 6k/12k/2k ante

Paul Stanechewski took a shot with the blinds going up and called all-in after a raise from Guigui. Andrew Frier also came along and they checked down the AdQh5c2cKs board until the river when Stanechewski rolled over Tc5s before Frier stopped him.

“I have to bet,” he said throwing out 40,000. Guigui folded and Frier showed JhTd for the Broadway straight. “If I don’t be the nuts, I get a penalty.” Stanechewski picked up $1,114 for his 6th place finish while Frier is up to 400,000.

Paul Stanechewski, 6th place
Paul Stanechewski, 6th place

Event 6: Lawrence Cone eliminated in 7th ($861)

$120 + $30 No Limit Hold ‘Em

Blinds: 4k/8k/1k ante

Lawrence Cone was the shortest stack remaining on the table and moved all-in under the gun. Norman Guigui called to his immediate left and Frier folded after some consideration. Guigui was ahead with KcJd against Jd9d.

Nothing changed as the board ran out 8c6c5c8s8d and Cone was the next player sent to the rail in 7th place for $861.

Lawrence Cone, 7th place
Lawrence Cone, 7th place

Event 6: Blankenship and Simon eliminated in 8th-9th

$120 + $30 No Limit Hold ‘Em

Blinds: 4k/8k/1k ante

Ron Blankenship moved all-in under the gun for just 42,000 and Derrick Simon came over the top for 120,000. Andrew Frier had them both covered an also called from the small blind with AhKd. Simon tabled two red Nines 9h9d and Blankenship was still unsure since he shoved in the dark. He finally showed 6h2s.

Frier hit the Kc5s5h flop and stayed ahead for the double knockout on the Qh turn and 8h river. Blankenship received $456 for 9th and $633 for Simon in 8th.

Ron Blankenship, 9th place
Ron Blankenship, 9th place
Derrick Simon, 8th place
Derrick Simon, 8th place