Event 1 Day 1E: Pass the Cappuccino

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Level 2 came and went with another 50 players joining the field to push today’s total up to 160 with two more levels of late registration or re-entry. Day 1D was the biggest flight of Event 1 so far with 244 entrants and 1E is racing to catch it.

A big hand on Table 41 saw both players get both of their deep stacks in the middle quickly. It usually takes a series of raises pre-flop to build a 200 big blind pot but the 2-seat moved in his ~10,000 after the 9-seat opened the action to 250. A huge bet at this stage and the 9-seat instantly called to see thet big shove was made with Ad Ac and needed help with Kc Kd. Not a standard play with Aces but it worked out as the board ran out all baby cards.

“That’s a good start to my day,” he said stacking his newly earned double stack, “Now I need to not get crazy.”

Adding insult to injury, the cocktail waitress showed up with a fresh cappuccino and the players pointed at the 9-seat walking down the steps. “I’ll take that from him too,” the 2-seat chirped up.

Players are now in Level 3 with blinds at 75/150.

Event 1 Day 1E: Big Numbers So Far

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

One level into Day 1E and this flight is already setting up to be the biggest of the previous four. Over 100 players were entered 15 minutes into the day with more registering at the cage. All 13 tables on the second level are in play with several more setup in the cash game area to accommodate today’s big crowd.

Today will be a big day in The Poker Room at Seminole Hard Rock.

Unlike the last two days, there were no major hands during the first level as players are just settling into their seats and getting ready for action.

Event 1 Day 1E: Weekend Underway

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

The fifth flight of Event 1 of the Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open” is underway in The Poker Room at Seminole Hard Rock is underway. The field sizes will expand as the weekend begins and players take their shot at a piece of the $150,000 guaranteed prizepool.

Players are still making their way to the cage even as the tournament gets moving and they have four levels to register or re-enter if they bust out. They will play 14 levels which last 30-minutes with a break every two hours.

Follow along with SHRPOLive.com for live updates throughout the day.

Third Day of Event 1 Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open” to take place today

Over the past two days, we’ve seen an impressive 849 eager poker players register for Event #1, a $125 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack tournament with a $150,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool.  So far 98 players have survived to return on Sunday here at the 2013 Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open”. Max Jones continues to lead the way with 284,200 in chips.

We will be reporting continuous updates for Event #1 on our live updates blog. Today, we have two more flights taking place. The first will get started at 11 a.m. and the second will take place at 7 p.m. We’ll also have two flights on Saturday at the same time. We are expecting large fields both days so make sure you come down early to register.  The second and final day will take place on Sunday, November 17th. Re-entries are allowed through the first four levels and a player can also re-enter in any subsequent starting flight. Players that have chip stacks in more than one starting flight will take their largest stack to day 2.

Coming up in just a few weeks is Event #18, the $500,000 Guarantee No Limit Hold’Em Championship Event. It starts on Friday, November 29th. Here is the full schedule of events that you won’t want to miss out on:

Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open” Schedule

In addition, here is additional information you can find regarding the Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open”:

Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open” Satellites

Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open” Leaderboard Promotion

Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open” Social Media Information

Event 1 Day 1C and 1D Recap

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

On Wednesday we had 427 entrants put down $125 hoping to take home a part of the $150,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool. Today, we almost matched that number with 419 entrants taking part in the poker festivities here at Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open”. This brings the total number of paid entries to 846.  On Wednesday, 52 players made it through to the second day. That total is now 98 after 46 more managed to survive today. The top 10 in chips for day 1C and 1D were:

David Poces1C235,700
Adiany Perez1D169,800
Vic Vasa1D169,100
Alex Dritz1D157,900
Dwayne Barclay1D155,900
Peter Striano1C143,000
Jemes Salmon1C140,000
Paraskevas Patsatis1C135,500
Noam Ben-Arie1D134,300
Margarita Ramirez Serrano1C134,000

The top 10 for the first four flights are as follows:

PlaceNameStart DayChip Count
1Max Jones1B284,200
2David Poces1C235,700
3Jose Galvez1B198,600
4Efthimios Piperakis1B179,700
5Adiany Perez1D169,800
6Vic Vasa1D169,100
7Alex Dritz1D157,900
8Steve Yagudaev1B156,400
9Dwayne Barclay1D155,900
10Syed Shah1A147,400

In addition to fighting it out for Event One honors, players are looking to win our Leaderboard Promotion. There will be two more days of flights for Event One with start times of 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. each day.

Event 1 Day 1 Final Chip Counts

Chip Counts for surviving players from Event 1, Day 1

Chip Count
Start Day
1Luis Santoni286,8001F
2Max Jones284,2001B
3David Poces235,7001C
4Jason Ibrahim232,8001H
5Osvaldo Amor232,2001E
6Sea Smith225,0001G
7Anthony Campo222,5001G
8Allan Bieler218,0001G
9Alan Slakman215,2001G
10Kimani McKoy208,2001F
11Jose Galvez198,6001B
13Mark Tarich181,4001H
12Richard Blanchar181,4001G
14Esteban Garcia179,9001F
15Efthimios Piperakis179,7001B
16Sean Martin175,5001E
17Dominic Frisby174,6001E
18Michael Goldberg173,0001G
19Willie Wiggins172,5001F
20Adiany Perez169,8001D
21Vic Vasa169,1001D
22Yuleisys Torres166,1001F
23Vicki Holmes160,0001H
24Alex Dritz157,9001D
25Steve Yagudaev156,4001B
26Dwayne Barclay155,9001D
27Brett Bader148,1001F
28Nicholas Manabee147,5001G
29Syed Shah147,4001A
30Luis Arguello147,3001B
31Jorman Guigui147,1001A
32Peter Striano143,0001C
33David Jacobs142,7001E
34Richard Contell142,7001E
35Michael Milz141,0001F
36Jemes Salmon140,0001C
37Marla Crumpler138,4001F
38Anthony Sanders137,7001G
39Daniel Munges137,0001G
40Daniel Lopez136,0001F
42Michael Saraceni135,5001H
41Paraskevas Patsatis135,5001C
43Noam Ben-Arie134,3001D
44Margarita Ramirez Serrano134,0001C
45Alper Unsoy132,0001B
46Johathon Simon130,2001G
47David Miller129,6001B
48Matthew Bray129,5001G
49Casey Cohen127,4001F
50Stephen Diamantas127,2001H
51Derek Buonano127,0001C
52Anwar Mohamed126,6001H
53Gehric White125,9001G
54Alain Rodriguez125,2001F
55George Davis124,1001H
56Muzaffer Yesilce123,3001D
57Kishor Bhakta121,5001D
58Jose Silva121,0001C
59Michael Belkin120,0001A
60Lou Ojeda118,8001A
61Frank E Gil118,3001E
62Brian Darrow116,5001E
63Dagoberto Borbolla114,8001D
64Luis Yepez114,2001D
65Alan Dobrow111,9001G
66Juan Mubarak Peralta111,8001B
67James Oliver111,6001D
68Michael Ortiz111,4001H
69Luke Brereton109,0001G
70Alan Ago108,9001F
71Joey Prosper108,1001E
72Larry Jacobs107,8001B
73Errol Massey107,6001G
74Zachary Guerin105,2001E
75Jack Battagua104,6001B
76Jeffrey Cohen104,2001C
77Jacob Garon102,1001F
78Sebastian Amorosino101,8001F
79Steven Bennett101,1001H
80Frank Traino100,6001C
81Kemball Grant100,0001H
82Bret Grebow99,3001C
83John Igleslas98,4001H
84Matthew Yorra97,3001G
85Michael Lopez96,8001B
86Andrew Del Ro96,0001D
87Brett Taylor94,3001F
88Jorge Guilarte93,2001G
89Robert Gasthalter92,8001E
90Bobb Leff92,7001G
91Bobby Bass91,9001A
92Erwin F Saltos91,9001H
93Felipe Martinez91,4001D
94David Swatscheno90,1001H
95Michael Harley90,0001H
96Ronald Arena88,6001E
97Charles Galan88,0001E
98Mustafa Labut87,0001B
99Renee Boelloeni87,0001F
100Steven Spieglman86,1001H
101Roberto Marin85,6001H
102David Echavarhia85,3001A
103Dimirti Dejean84,7001A
104Christian Fiala84,5001F
105Norbert Kara83,8001D
106Justin Prosser83,6001H
107Mark Frisch83,3001G
108David Greenberger82,8001G
109Enrique Perez82,2001E
110Alert Kusaku81,8001E
112Crystal Utley80,4001H
111Martin Carnero80,4001A
113Jeff Dorn77,3001B
114Eugene Kleyman77,2001G
115Samuel Baez76,8001G
116Jerrold Jacobs76,4001F
117Brandon Jacques76,2001E
118Richard Semander76,1001H
119Anna Calder76,0001D
120Imre Vegh75,2001H
121Andre’s Sarria75,1001A
122Steven Steinmetz75,0001E
123Arthur Loewenthal74,8001D
124Steven Marcozzi74,8001G
125Jairo Velasquez74,6001B
126Richard Anderson74,6001G
127Ed Vasoncelos74,2001D
129Merrick Rosenberg74,0001D
128Miguel Pedrera74,0001A
130Melissa Kropf73,9001A
131Igor Korkwin73,4001E
132Gevork Shaginyan73,2001B
133Bruce Rawdin73,1001H
134James Scott71,2001D
135Albert Vanderbilt70,4001H
136Michael Tufaro70,4001A
137Samuel Morillo70,4001A
138Juliet Yarina69,4001A
139Roberto Berrocal68,7001D
140Robert Felix68,5001F
141Andres Hernandez67,9001H
142Robert Levin67,5001G
143John Utley67,0001H
144Stephen Davidson66,4001G
145Barry Trusilo66,3001H
146Paul Richard Pantoja (2 Separate Players)66,3001B
147Nick Viscounti66,2001E
148Phillip Brill66,1001A
149Frank Simms III65,7001F
150Barton Taylor64,2001A
151Damion Mclean62,6001D
152David Walker62,4001C
153Shawn Vrenna62,3001H
154Ebony M. Johnson61,9001A
155John DePersio61,8001G
157Archibald Barrant61,4001H
156Eric Piderit61,4001G
158Paulius Bikus60,8001D
159Ross Fischer60,4001H
160Pierie Emmanuel59,0001C
161Wayne Luggery58,5001B
162Jian X Zhao57,6001A
163Marcelo Belizzi57,2001E
164Eric Tuan56,9001D
165Raymond Wade56,9001F
166Dan Losey56,6001E
167Brian Appell54,0001B
168Zolt Abahzi53,0001G
169Gil Guadalpi52,8001D
170Nhan Luona51,1001C
171Vladimir Nikhman51,1001D
172Steven Peterson50,4001H
173David G Aboudaud50,0001G
174Nester Caraballo49,9001H
175Ronny Apartcio49,4001A
176Peter Chin48,6001A
177Rortana Oum48,3001G
178Jennifer Davia48,2001C
179Igor Mitrevski48,0001D
180Parry Johns480001F
181Maurice Wilcox47,6001H
182Charles Haselton47,1001G
183David Gantz46,8001C
184Julio Rodriguez46,5001B
185Todd Berman46,2001G
186Brian Ferrera45,7001H
187Avram Lockwood45,6001C
188Sean Baverschmidt45,5001A
189Michael Frascoia45,2001F
190Vladimir Davydov44,6001G
191Paula Barros44,1001B
192Steve Candanelli43,8001F
193Nancy “Catwoman” Thomas43,7001C
194Robert Rosquete43,0001H
195Julio Acosta42,8001C
196Yamel Bodes42,7001G
197Matthew Kelley42,2001H
198Chris Donofrid42,0001H
199Robert Poggio41,9001F
200Robert Becenti41,1001H
201Paul Pantoja (2 Separate Players)40,1001B
202Richard Rice40,0001G
203Irwin Gerber38,3001G
204Daniel D’Eugenio37,5001A
205Lee Stewart37,3001F
206Rudy Schultz36,8001A
207Brahms Alexis36,6001G
208Ralph Dyer36,4001E
208Christopher Hernandez36,2001A
210Brooks Long35,9001B
211Arturo Nunez35,3001H
212Dennis Arnold35,0001A
213Cilea Organ33,9001H
214James McCaffrey33,0001B
215Arvind Samarod31,7001F
216Hashim Burney31,7001G
217Eric Martin31,5001F
218Miguel Chajtur30,7001B
219Alain N Alando29,7001H
220Justin Obront29,1001E
221Hollander Preap27,9001C
222Ramond Weaver27,9001E
223Ryan Reader27,3001H
224Richard Meyer26,9001A
225Jessica Rosado26,1001G
226Miguel McDonald26,0001F
227Anibal Salazar24,0001F
228David Solomon21,1001A
229Michael Kuper19,5001B
230Israel De La Cerda15,6001H
231Paul Gold15,4001E
232Wanlop Phonphornwithoon14,7001G
233Anthony Elen6,9001H

Event 1 Day 1D: 27 Make It Through To Day 2

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack


By the time play ended, 27 of the original 244 made it through to Sunday when they will come back to try and make the money and win the first event of the Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open”. Total number of entries thus far is 846 and so far 98 have moved on to Day 2. The following are the 27 and their chip counts. Adiany Perez led the way in this flight with 169,800 which is well behind the chip leader Max Jones who has 284,200.


Adiany Perez - Day 1D chip leader
Adiany Perez – Event 1 Day 1D chip leader


Vic Vasa - Event 1 Day 1D, 2nd in chips
Vic Vasa – Event 1 Day 1D, 2nd in chips


Adiany Perez169,800
Vic Vasa169,100
Alex Dritz157,900
Dwayne Barclay155,900
Noam Ben-Arie134,300
Muzaffer Yesilce123,300
Kishor Bhakta121,500
Dagoberto Borbolla114,800
Luis Yepez114,200
James Oliver111,600
Andrew Del Ro96,000
Felipe Martinez91,400
Norbert Kara83,800
Anna Calder76,000
Arthur Loewenthal74,800
Ed Vasoncelos74,200
Merrick Rosenberg74,000
James Scott71,200
Roberto Berrocal68,700
Damian Mclean62,600
Paulius Bikus60,800
Eric Tuan56,900
Gil Guadalpi52,800
Vladimir Nikhman51,100
Igor Mitrevski48,000
Bruce Rawdin34,000
Crystal Utley5,400

Event 1 Day 1D: That’s How You Walk Away

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Blinds 1K/2K Ante 300

A short stacked player moves all in for about 25K and is called by the big blind. The short stacked player turns over AHQD and is dominating his opponent’s hand KCQH. The king on the flop changes that and when no ace or runner runner miracle comes on the turn or river, the eliminated player quietly taps the felt twice, gets up, throws away the rest of his drink, and heads slowly towards the exit. No muttering. No “how could you call that you donk”. Just a quiet, graceful exit. As if he’s been there before. That’s how you walk away.

There are 29 players left with 20 minutes left in the last level of the evening.

Event 1 Day 1D: The Clock Is Ticking

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Blinds 1K/2K Ante 200

There is under an hour left tonight and there are 34 players remaining. There are 2.44 million chips in play which makes the average stack just under 72K or 36 big blinds. We’ll probably lose close to ten more players before we’re done today.

It’s still a few days away until we even talk about making the money, but right now is the time to position yourself to do so. Players start to tighten up as they worry about making it to the second day, for there is no cash if you don’t get to Sunday. This allows the aggressive, big stacks to attack those players and add to their chip lead.

Event 1 is a very top heavy tournament in regards to how it pays out. Approximately 6% of the field will get paid which means if you do cash that even a min. cash is going to be fairly substantial. Not bad for $125 (if you only bought in once).

Event 1 Day 1D: It Must Be Nice

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Blinds 600/1.2K Ante 200

There are 41 players remaining with 15 minutes left in Level 11. Players will go on a break after Level 12 and then come back for one last hour of play. Those lucky and good enough to make the cut will come back Sunday afternoon in hopes of taking down some serious cash.

A few moments ago, a big pot went down at a table. We caught up with the action with about 20K in the pot and a flop reading KSJD7S. The player in Seat 4 was first to act and led out for 11K. His opponent in Seat 7, a cliche of a poker player if there ever was one… hoodie, shades, noise reduction headphones and no hint of a smile… raised it to 25K. His opponent thought for seconds before making the call. The turn was the QS and Seat 4 checked as soon as the card was turned over. Seat 7 also checked, almost instantly. The river was the 4S putting four spades on the board. Seat 4 again checked with no hesitation. Seat 7 grabbed four 5 K chips and tossed them casually into the middle. Seat 4 shook his head and peeked back at his cards. “I know you have it,” he said, and carefully placed out the call. His opponent did have it, turning over AS5S. “It must be nice,” a dejected Seat 4 said, turning over JSJH for a flopped set that turned into the second nut flush on the river.