Kiletto Can’t Call

Level 7
Blinds: 250/500
Ante: 50

Lily Kiletto opened to 1,500 in early position. Three players called to see a KdQd9h flop where Kiletto continued for 3,400. The player in middle position folded, the player in the cutoff raised to 10,000, and the big blind check-folded. Kiletto called after a few moments, landing the Qs on the turn. A check from Kiletto led to her opponent shoving for 18,150. Kiletto went deep into the tank, eventually having the clock called after about three minutes. In the end, she opted to let the time run out and her hand was dead.

Lily Kiletto – 35,000 (70 bb)

Chip Counts

Level 5
Blinds: 150/300
Ante: 25

Jamie Rosen – 52,000
Dan Buzgon – 50,000
Micah Smith – 46,000
Lily Kiletto – 38,000
Tony Ruberto – 35,000
Mike Beasley – 32,000
Jason Sackler – 29,000
Barry Hutter – 28,000
Walid Maddah – 27,000
Pedro Rios – 19,500
Cord Garcia – 19,000
Raj Vohra – 17,000
Rex Clinkscales – 17,000
Sean Winter – 17,000
Alex Bolotin – 16,000

Adam Levy and Chino Rheem are no longer in their starting seats, so chances are they have busted. We will keep an eye out for them.

Field Size Set

Entries             Remaining

Day 1A: 631                  121
Day 1B: 622                  137
Day 1C: 555                  112
Day 1D: 798                  171
Day 1E: 785

Registration for Day 1E is closed and with 786 entires, the total amount of entries for Event #1 is set at 3,392. Not only has the 500K guaranteed prize pool been smashed, the prize pool is above $1 million.

Day 1D Ends with Less Than 200 Players from Largest Starting Flight Turnout

Day 1D attracted the most players of any starting flight in Event 1 ($350 no-limit hold’em – $500,000 guaranteed) with 798 players taking a seat at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open, taking the total field size all the way up to 2,606. By the end of 14 levels the tournament clock showed that 198 of them survived.

It was a tough day for the notables in the field as just Steve Buckner, Marsha Wolak, Michael Beasley, Matthew Burnitz advanced to Day 2 from this starting flight. The players that fell were Chino Rheem, Michael Rocco, Cord Garcia, Lily Kiletto, Matt Waldron, and Tony Ruberto.

Tune back in just a few minutes from now for 14 more levels of poker action from the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open. In addition to the live updates coverage you can also watch full live streaming all night on the Live Stream tab. The total tournament field size could reach 2,000 players tonight in Hollywood, Florida.