Event 2 Recap: Lance Goldenberg Wins Event 2 and $5,377

$120 + $30 No Limit Hold’Em Double Stack Turbo

It didn’t take long for Event 2 to finish – under 7 hours total time to be precise. In the end, it was Lance Goldenberg who ended up the victor taking home $5,377 for his efforts. “This is my first ever tournament win,” said Goldenberg, a smile beaming from cheek to cheek. When asked what he was going to do with the money he explained that it was perfect timing because he was moving to Colorado for a job and this would make the move much easier for him. Congratulations on the win Lance, keep playing hard!

SHRPO Event 2 Winner - Lance Goldenberg - $5,377
SHRPO Event 2 Winner – Lance Goldenberg – $5,377

In The Money Finishers And Payouts

1stLance Goldenberg$5,377.00
2ndGeorges Boyadjian$3,108.00
3rdWillis Prieto$2,016.00
4thEdward Medoff$1,386.00
5thJonathan Ounjian$1,067.00
6thLarry Jacobs$832.00
7thRobert Brobyn$655.00
8thBrian Levine$487.00
9thMustafa Lobut$336.00
10thHari Sukhu$277.00
11thAnna Calder$277.00
12thJeffrey Trudeau$277.00
13thHoward Goodsite$235.00
14thAlan Feller$235.00
15thFamea Luca$235.00







Event 1: 9th Place – Crystal Utley, $2,810

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Blinds 40K/80K Ante 10K

Kimani McCoy opened the action from middle position and a short stacked Crystal Utley moved all in for 330K from the small blind. Lou White called from the big blind and McCoy called as well. The flop came QD6D4C and White and McCoy both checked. The turn was the 5D and White checked. McCoy placed out a bet and White quickly folded. McCoy had turned a flush with KDTD and Utley was drawing dead with her KS9C.

Heather Utley (Morganfield, KY) - 9th place, $2,810
Crystal Utley (Morganfield, KY) – 9th place, $2,810

Event 1: Final Table Set

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Blinds 30K/60K Ante 10K

Here is our final nine and approximate chip counts:

Seat 1Kimani McCoy (Hollywood, FL)4.8 million
Seat 2Lee Stewart (Hollywood, FL)2.6 million
Seat 3Willie Wiggins (Miramar, FL)750K
Seat 4Ronnie Aparicio (Miami, FL)1.8 million
Seat 5Crystal Utley (Morganfield, KY)600K
Seat 6Lou White (Charlotte, NC)4.1 million
Seat 7Jeff Doan (Davie, FL)4.5 million
Seat 8Brett Bader (Jericho, NY)800K
Seat 9Allan Bieler (Sunrise, FL)1.6 million