Event 2: 30 minutes left to register

$120 + $30 No Limit Hold’Em Double Stack Turbo

Blinds 150/300 Ante 25

Level 6 has just ended. We needed 125 players to hit the $15,000 guarantee and we’re just short of  that number with 30 minutes left to register as 123 are signed up thus far. We should easily exceed that number, however, by the time registration closes. It is a re-entry event so if you bust out, you can buy back in before Level 9 begins. It is also a one day event with a fast structure that should end in the early morning. We’ll be here covering it until it is done.

Event 1 Payouts 64th through 126th

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Here are the payouts for 64th through 126th place in Event 1 at Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open”:

64thNicholas Visconti$545.00
65thVic Vasa$545.00
66thArturo Nunez$545.00
67thMichael Saraceni$545.00
68thMichael Belkin$545.00
69thBrian Darrow$545.00
70thSamuel Baez$545.00
71stAnna Calder$545.00
72ndSean Bauerschmidt$545.00
73rdSteven Spiegelman$483.00
74thBrandon Jacques$483.00
75thEugene Kleyman$483.00
76thRonald Arena$483.00
77thJairo Velasquez$483.00
78thSteven Cardarelli$483.00
79thMuzaffer Yesilce$483.00
80thBruce Rawdin$483.00
81stPhilip Brill$483.00
82ndMax Jones$441.00
83rdRudy Schultz$441.00
84thSteven Bennett$441.00
85thAnwar Shawn Mohamed$441.00
86thMatthew Yorra$441.00
87thJonathan Simon$441.00
88thMark Frisch$441.00
89thRoberto Berrocal$441.00
90thJack Battaglia$441.00
91stAlan Ago$399.00
92ndRenee Boelloeni$399.00
93rdBrett Taylor$399.00
94thRoberto Marin Martinez$399.00
95thDaniel Lopez$399.00
96thJacob Garon$399.00
97thMichael Lopez$399.00
98thDavid Walker$399.00
99thDavid Miller$399.00
100thDavid Gantz$336.00
101stRichard Semander$336.00
102ndEdwin Vasconcelos$336.00
103rdJames Salmonm III$336.00
104thMargarita Serrano$336.00
105thRaymond Weaver$336.00
106thNicholas Mahabee$336.00
107thStephen Davidson$336.00
108thAndres Sarria$336.00
109thPaul Pantoja$315.00
110thCasey Cohen$315.00
111thGevork Shaginyan$315.00
112hVladimir Nikhman$315.00
113thAndres Hernandez$315.00
114thMiguel Pedrera$315.00
115thRobert Gasthalter$315.00
116thVladimir Davydov$315.00
117thDimitri DeJean$315.00
118thDennis Arnold$294.00
119thRichard Anderson$294.00
120thAlain Alvarado$294.00
121stAdiany Perez$294.00
122ndIsreal De La Cerda$294.00
123rdMichael Frascia$294.00
124thRyan Reader$294.00
125thJennifer David$294.00
126thPierre Emmanuel$294.00

Event 2: Turbo Time

$120 + $30 No Limit Hold’Em Double Stack Turbo

The second event of the Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open” is underway. Event 2 is a $150 buy-in NLH Double Stack Turbo tournament with a $15,000 guaranteed prizepool. They kicked things off downstairs in The Poker Room at Seminole Hard Rock and there are two hours of late registration or re-entry.

Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open” Schedule


Event 1 Day 2: Second Chances

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Crystal Utley is one of two players who used a tournament rule to her advantage and she is now deep in Event 1. Not only were players given the option of re-entering the tournament if they busted in the first four levels of any Day 1, they could also play multiple flights and surrender the smaller stack if making Day 2 more than once.

Utley finished Day 1D with just 5,400 but came back and managed to make it through with 80,400 chip on Day 1H. The first 5,400 came out of play and she recently tripled up.

“It was the last hand of the day and I had a pocket pair,” she commented, “I had a pocket pair and knew my husband had to come back the next day. I had 60k and figured 120k would be better or take another shot.”

Utley lost the hand and bagged that handful of chips but found a way to get back in the game with a bigger stack. She recently tripled up winning pocket Aces against AK and KQ to get near 400,000.

Level 21 is underway with blinds at 6k/12k/1k ante.

Crystal Utley making the best of 2nd chance
Making the best of 2nd chance

Event 1 Day 2: Queens Rule

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Luck and poker go hand in hand sometimes no matter the math. Vicki Holmes as all-in with two other players and needing a lot of help with Ah Qd up against Ad Kc and another player taking one of her outs with Qs Js. The board ran out nice and low for Big Slick until the river popped a two-out Qh to more than double her stack and knocking out a tough opponent.

Unfortunately Holmes gave back half of those chips while still stacking the previous hand by calling down against her new opponent’s straight but she is still alive for the big payouts.

The tournament area is emptying at a steady pace with Garren James and Nicholas Mahabee among the most recent bustouts. Only 89 players remain mid-way through Level 20.

Vicki Holmes and the temporary chips
Vicki Holmes and the temporary chips

Event 1 Day 2: Cards Speak

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Table 37 is seeing a lot of action with Juliet Yarina using her stack to bully a newly seated opponent but also an interesting hand with Lou White with a mis-read hand.

White was facing a raise on a JsJd Ts Td board and ended up just calling to see the 9s on the river. White and his opponent checked the river and White said he had a straight and tabled 9c 7c and was actually playing the board. His opponent showed a Ten for the baby boat which would have been best in any case. “I swore I had 8c 7c,” said White after the hand.

The field is into double digits with just 10 tables remaining as they are about to head off on their second break of the day after coloring off the 100 chips.

Juliet Yarina building a castle
Juliet Yarina building a castle

Event 1 Day 2: Level Up and Payouts

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

The post-money parade to the rail has begun and Aces continue buck the math with two more players getting them with their tournament life on the line only to have them cracked. Table 37 saw one hero get a call from 2d 2h and asked the dealer for a second while he crossed himself. Asking for help from the Almighty did not help when the dealer pealed a deuce right off the top. Elsewhere on Table 33 we saw Aces got down to the mighty 5h4h and a flopped full house.

All downstairs tables have broken which means the final 117 players are now in the upstairs tournament area. Among those in the money and moving forward are former ?Seminole Hard Rock winner Juliet Yarina, electronic poker innovator Lou White, former chipleader Luis Santoni, and Garren James from the show Gigolos.

Players are now in Level 19 with blinds at 4k/8k/500 ante and average stack of ~180,000.

Garren James, a "Gigolo" in the money
Garren James, a “Gigolo” in the money

Event 1 Day 2: In the Money

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

It took exactly one hand on the bubble to get the field in the money. Tournament staff announced hand-for-hand play was about to get underway when a downstairs tables produced two eliminations to get down to 126 without a major pause in play.

The happy short-stack players will start shoving to double or hit the cage while the top stacks will look to move their way up the pay ladder with an eye at the $45,121 first place prize.