Who’s Here?

The field is at 413 entrants currently and tons of big names are out there. Here are some of the table draws:

Table 14: Shannon Shorr, Chris Johnson, Neville Darrell
Table 15: Jonathan Little, Scott Baumstein, Ari Engel
Table 16: Dan Shak, Joe Serock
Table 17: Blake Bohn, Jake Schindler, Theo Tran
Table 19: Faraz Jaka, Eric Baldwin, Noah Schwartz
Table 21: Joe Kuether, Kyle Bowker, Kory Kilpatrick
Table 34: Nick Petrangelo, Adam Levy, Jeremy Ausmus
Table 44: Tom Marchese, David “Doc” Sands
Table 49: Isaac Haxton, Matt Stout

Also in the field are Justin Bonomo, Daniel Weinman, Todd Terry, Dan Kelly, Cliff Josephy, Justin Young, Darryll Fish, Shawn Cunix, Terrence Chan, David Peters, Dylan Linde, Dermot Blain, Darren Rabinowitz, John Dolan, Carlos Mortensen, Kevin Saul, David Paredes, Danny Suied, Athanasios Polychronopoulos, Matt Affleck, Ryan Riess, Gavin Smith, Tommy Vedes, and Ruben Visser.

$10M GTD: Shuffle Up & Deal!

Even though it’s a massive field for a $10 million guaranteed main event, the action started right on time at 12:00 noon. The tournament clock shows 380 players in the field as play begins, though that number will certainly grow as registration remains open until the end of the dinner break (about 8:00 pm).

The players begin with 30,000 in chips, and the opening blinds are 25-50, so there is 600 big blinds in each starting stack.

The levels are 40 minutes long until the dinner break (which should be around 6:30 pm), and then 60 minutes long for the next day and a half until the end of Day 2. From Day 3 forward, levels will be 90 minutes long. It’s an excellent structure that provides a lot of room for the players to play, especially deep in the tournament when the stakes are the highest.

Championship Event Set To Begin

Welcome to our coverage of the $10 Million Guaranteed Championship Event at the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.

After 20 preliminary events and a plethora of satellites, it’s finally time for the one that everyone has been waiting for. The Championship Event carries a $5,300 buy-in with re-entries allowed for nine levels (prior to the dinner break on the three Day 1’s). Players can re-enter on a later starting flight as well and will advance to Day 2 with their best stack. The plan for Day 1A is to play 13 levels. The first nine levels are 40 minutes, followed by a 90-minute dinner break, and four one-hour levels to close out the day.

Play is set to begin at noon, so keep it here throughout the day for live updates on all of the exciting action.

62 Seats About to Be Awarded in the Noon Mega-Satellite

The mega-satellite that started at 12:00 noon today attracted a field of 626 players, and will be awarding 62 seats into the $10 Million Guaranteed Main Event that starts tomorrow.

Whoever finishes 63rd will receive $3,180, and whoever finishes 64th will get nothing.

There are currently 68 players remaining as they color-up the black (100) chips, and the average chip stack is about 69,000 (11 big blinds). Play will slow down as the satellite bubble approaches, but it shouldn’t take too long to burst it with this many tables in action.

There are several other satellites underway, but this is the big one for the day. We expect there to be a loud celebration when 62 more players win seats into one of the most hotly anticipated poker tournaments of the year.