Event 4: Day 1 Begins

Cards get into the air for Event 4 ($240 Seven-Card Stud – $5,000 guaranteed) at 3 p.m. ET. Registration will be open until the end of Level 3. Players can re-enter until the end of registration.

Players begin with 8,000 in chips for the first level of play the ante will be 10, the bring-in 15, the completion 50, and the limits will be 50-100.

Play will continue until 11 p.m. or until the final table is reached, whichever comes first. If all players wish to continue at that time, play will continue. If a second day is needed the field will return at 3 p.m. on Monday, August 12.

Event 1: Bill Mullins Eliminated

Bill Mullins started the day with 107,900 in Event 1 ($350 No-Limit Hold’em), but couldn’t get much going here on Day 2 as two hands led to his downfall.

Mullins lost about half of his stack when his pocket tens couldn’t hold off Q-8.

A short while later, action folded to the small blind, who limped with Q-Q. Mullins checked his option in the big blind with 6-5.

The flop came J-7-5, the small blind checked his over pair, Mullins bet his pair of fives, and the small blind called.

The turn was an 8, giving Mullins a pair with an open-ended straight draw. The small blind check-called another bet with his overpair of queens.

The river was an A, and the small blind continued his slow play by checking again. Mullins bet his pair of fives, and the small blind thought for a while before he called to win the pot with his pocket queens.

Mullins has been eliminated from Event 1, but he has already walked over to sign up for Event 2 ($1,000 No-Limit Hold’em).