Event 7 ($560 NLHE): Chino Rheem Out Before the Dinner Break

The field is down below 200 players as the 40-minute dinner break is about to start in a couple of minutes. Action is scheduled to resume shortly after 7:50 pm ET.

Recent chipleader Chino Rheem had a dramatic reversal of fortune after the Money Bubble, as he is now in the payout line with the other eliminated players. So we will have a new chipleader.

Some of Rheem’s chips may have ended up in the stack of Bryan Campanello, who is now up over 1 million.

Event 10 ($240 HORSE) Ends in a 5-Way Chop

While the Money Bubble was in progress in the massive field for Event 7, Event 10 ($240 HORSE) quietly came to an end with a five-way chop.

Chipleader Jason Like was awarded the trophy and $4,999 in prize money.

It may be a while before we can provide more details of who finished where, because the payout desk is currently swamped with the flurry of bustouts from Event 7. We’ll get the data and post it here as soon as things calm down a bit for the tournament staff.

Correction: There was some miscommunication in the results earlier, but they’ve been corrected.

Event 7 ($560 NLHE): Samuel Bernabeu Takes the Chip Lead as the Bubble Bursts

The money bubble lasted one hand and came in the form of a double elimination. One of the hands, though, resulted in a new chip leader emerging.

With the board reading As9c5s4c, a series of raises led to the player on the button all in for about 570,000 with 5d4d. Samuel Bernabeu, in the small blind, had him drawing dead with AcAd and secured the pot after the inconsequential 2c river completed the board.

The board reads 271 players remaining now and the blinds have increased to 6,000/12,000 with a 1,000 ante.

Samuel Bernabeu – 1,350,000 (112 bb)