Ryan Welch Eliminated in 69th by New Chipleader Mukul Pahuja

Ryan Welch raises from the cutoff to 50,000, Mukul Pahuja reraises from the small blind to 127,000, and Welch tanks for a bit before he moves all in for about 900,000 or so.

Pahuja calls with Ah Kd, and Welch turns over 4h 4s for a race situation.

The board comes Ad 7s 5h Qs 2h, and Pahuja pairs his ace on the flop to win the pot and eliminate Ryan Welch in 69th place. Pahuja moves into the chip lead.

Mukul Pahuja  –  3,475,000  (103 bb)
Ryan Welch  –  Out in 69th Place  ($23,270)