Poker Open

Event 19: Corey Dodd Check-Raises The River

$1,650 Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em
Players Remaining: 18

Corey Dodd
Corey Dodd

With blinds of 250/500, Michael Aron limped in on the button and Corey Dodd checked his option.

Action was checked to the river as the board ran out JcTc8h5s4h. Dodd checked the river and Aron bet 800. Dodd raised to 3,200 and Aron thought for a minute before calling.

Dodd showed 5h4d, giving him two pair, and Aron mucked his hand. Dodd opened up a big chip lead in the rubber match of this series.

With Steffan Lind defeating Daniel Wirgau at a neighboring table, this is one of the last two second round matches going.

Corey Dodd – 19,500
Michael Aron – 4,500

Event 19: Updated Brackets

$1,650 Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em
Players Remaining: 19

With only three matches still going on in the second round, the right side of the bracket is filled out and ready for the start of the Sweet Sixteen.

Here is a look at what the third round match-ups look like right now:

Left Side

Aaron Mermelstein vs. Daniel Wirgau/Steffan Lind
George Lusby/Alberto Rodriguez vs. Will Givens
Alex Foxen vs. Kane Kalas
Corey Dodd/Michael Aron vs. Gary Bolden

Right Side

Sam Panzica vs. Timothy Tenpas
Shannon Shorr vs. Jonathan Little
Jerry Wong vs. Ari Engel
Joe McKeehen vs. John Dollinger

Event 19: Joe McKeehen Defeats Marcus Stein To Advance

$1,650 Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em
Players Remaining: 19

Joe McKeehen get Stein’s chips into the middle preflop with McKeehen showing KdJd and in the lead against Stein’s Th9d.

The board ran out AsQs3dTcTs and McKeehen dragged the pot with the nut straight. He swept Stein in two straight games and advanced to the third round and will face-off against John Dollinger.

Joe McKeehen – 24,000
Marcus Stein – Eliminated

Event 19: Corey Dodd Shoves The River

$1,650 Heads-Up No Limit Hold’em
Players Remaining: 22

On the turn with the board reading 6h4d2hKh, Michael Aron checked and Corey Dodd bet 1,200.

Aron called and the river was the 6d. Aron checked and Dodd moved all in for about 5,500. Aron took a few moments and then folded. Aron keeps better than a two-to-one chip lead in the rubber match of this series.

Corey Dodd – 7,000
Michael Aron – 17,000

Event 17: Seth Davies Wins Six-Max Title ($41,604)

$1,100 Six-Max No Limit Hold’em (Freeze-Out)
Level 27: 20,000/40,000 with a 5,000 ante
Players Remaining: 2 of 186

Seth Davies
Seth Davies

Seth Davies had worked the stacks nearly back to even when the tournament’s largest pot played out heads up. It began with Davies limping the button, and Harrison Gimbel raised to 140,000 in the big blind. Davies moved all in for exactly 1,000,000 total, and Gimbel called to put him at risk. It was a flip.

Davies: 8h8c
Gimbel: AdKc

The AcJs6d flop gave Gimbel a big lead with a pair of aces. Davies began to stand from his chair as the turn brought the blank 9h. He was just about to reach out for a handshake when the 8d dropped off the deck on the river, giving him the pot with a set of eights. Davies doubled into a commanding chip lead, and the match was over two hands later.

On the final hand, Davies shoved the button with Tc6s, and Gimbel called all in with 7h8h to put himself at risk. The board ran out QhJh4cQd9c, and Davies won the pot and the tournament with his ten kicker. A recap of his victory will be published shortly.

Gimbel was eliminated as the runner-up, earning $28,146.

Harrison Gimbel
Harrison Gimbel