David Prociak Earns Another Hard Rock Title In $300 HORSE

2016 Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Hollywood, FL
Event 14
$300 H.O.R.S.E.

Entries: 59
Prize Pool: $15,045
November 29, 2016

David Prociak wins another trophy in the $300 HORSE
David Prociak wins another trophy in the $300 HORSE

David Prociak is making a habit out of leaving the Hollywood Hard Rock with a trophy in his possession.

During the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open last August, Prociak won a Pot Limit Omaha title and he added a second Hard Rock trophy to his collection on Tuesday night by taking down the $300 HORSE event.

Prociak topped a field of 59 players to earn $4,663 and the hardware.

“I love these trophies,” said Prociak about the new addition to his trophy case. “It’s a good way to end the series. I think it might have gotten me even for the series, so it came in a pretty timely manner.”

This is just another proverbial notch on the belt for the Orlando native. Previous to his win in August, Prociak won a bracelet in the $1,500 seven card stud hi-lo event at the World Series of Poker this past summer.

He spent his time in the desert playing and learning lots of games besides No Limit Hold’em. He takes pride in his ability to be good at a wide variety of poker variants.

“I play all the games,” said Prociak. “When I was in Vegas, I started playing all the mixed games. I feel confident that I can play all the games. When I won the bracelet in stud hi-lo, everybody was laughing at me and asking ‘What are you doing playing stud hi-lo?’ I don’t know. It’s fun.”

Prociak is obviously competent in seven card stud hi-lo, but it was a hand early on at the final table in that variant that left him very short.

“I got involved in a three-way pot where I made a straight to the seven in stud hi-lo, but my opponent hit the perfect card on the river and scooped a big pot,” said Prociak.

Prociak was in a three-way pot against Robert Campbell and Peter Cleven. Cleven rivered a flush and a better low to scoop the massive pot and leave Prociak very short.

Prociak was one of the shortest stacks at the table at hat point, but he was able to steadily climb back up the leaderboard and take a massive chip lead with four players remaining.

“I got lucky in a pot to double up,” said Prociak about a hand just after he got scooped by Cleven. “From there, I just tried to build it up as quick as I could. I knew the blinds were going up fast.”

Once Prociak rebounded from his tough beat by Cleven, it was smooth sailing. He got heads-up with David May and it didn’t take long for Prociak to finish off May and take home the trophy.

Here are a look at the results:

1st: David Prociak – $4,663
2nd: David May – $3,310
3rd: Robert Campbell – $2,106
4th: Peter Cleven – $1,505 5th: Eric Rivkin – $1,204
6th: Brandon Berkenfeld – $903
7th: Dan Chambers – $752
8th: Sandy Sanchez – $602

Event 14: David Prociak Wins $300 HORSE ($4,663), David May Eliminated in 2nd ($3,310)

$300 HORSE
Level 20: 12,000/24,000 Limits, 3,000 Ante, 4,000 bring-in
Players Remaining: 2 of 59

Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo

David Prociak
David Prociak

David May: Jd8d / 7cQs4hQh / Qc
David Prociak: 9d5d / KdQd7sJc / Tc

After a couple raises, David May and David Prociak got the last of May’s chips into the middle on third street. May was all in for about 40,000 with J-8-7 with two diamonds and was up against Prociak’s K-9-5 suited in diamonds.

They ran the boards out and neither player could make a pair until May paired his queens on sixth street. Prociak sweated his river first and tabled the Tc, which gave him a straight and left May drawing dead.

May tabled the Qc and rivered trip queens. Prociak won the pot with a straight and won his second Hard Rock trophy in as many series. He’ll take home $4,663 along with the hardware. May took home $3,310 for his runner-up finish.

David May
David May

David Prociak – $300 HORSE Champion
David May – Eliminated

Event 14: David Prociak On The Verge Of Victory

$300 HORSE
Level 20: 12,000/24,000 Limits, 3,000 Ante, 4,000 bring-in
Players Remaining: 2 of 59


David May: 2xTx5xKx
David Prociak: 8x3xAx2x

On fourth street, David Prociak took the betting lead with an eight low and bet. David May called with a ten-low.

On fifth, Prociak caught an ace and May hit a five. Prociak bet and May called. On sixth, Prociak caught a deuce and May hit a king. Prociak bet and May called.

Both players checked the river and Prociak tabled 8x6x6x in the hole. Prociak made an 8-6 low and took the pot. May was left with just a couple bets after the hand.

David Prociak – 550,000
David May – 40,000

Event 14: David May Scoops David Prociak

$300 HORSE
Level 19: 10,000/20,000 Limits, 2,000 Ante, 3,000 bring-in
Players Remaining: 2 of 59

Omaha Hi-Lo

David May raised on the button and David Prociak called out of the big blind. The flop was Ad9h4s and Prociak checked. May bet and Prociak called.

The turn was the 5h and both players checked. The 8h came on the river and Prociak bet. May called.

“You probably scoop me,” said Prociak. “I just have a live six.”

May showed AcQd8s3s, good for a live three and two pair. Prociak mucked his hands and May evened out the stacks a bit in the heads-up match.

David May – 245,000
David Prociak – 330,000