Event 6 Day 1B: Ray Nalbandian Nearly Triples Up

$570 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$250,000 Guarantee | Structure
Level 12: 800/1,600 with a 200 ante
Players Remaining: 45 of 122

Ray Nalbandian

There was a three-way all in between a player in middle position, Ray Nalbandian in the hijack and the player on the button.

Middle position showed 7d7h, the button showed JdJs and Nalbandian was flipping with them with his AhQs.

Nalbandian was the second biggest stack, all in for 40,200, the button was all in for about 20,000 and the middle position player had both players covered.

The board ran out Qd8h3hKs4h and Nalbadian won the pot with a pair of queens. He eliminated the button nearly triples up with both the main and side pot.

Ray Nalbandian – 100,000

Event 6 Day 1B: Registration Closes With 122 Entries

$570 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$250,000 Guarantee | Structure
Level 9: 400/800 with a 100 ante
Players Remaining: 76 of 122

With the start of level 9, with blinds of 400/800 and a 100 ante, registration is closed for the second starting flight of the $570 no-limit hold’em deep stack re-entry event.

Day 1B drew 122 entries, which brings the total field size to 267 through two flights. It’s generated a $133,500 prize pool thus far, but it is guaranteed to have a prize pool of at least $250,000.

Event 6 Day 1B: Julien Durity Scores a Knockout

$570 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$250,000 Guarantee | Structure
Level 5: 150/300 with a 50 ante
Flight B Entries: 109

Julien Durity

Julien Durity limped in from under the gun and the player in the cutoff raised to 700. The small blind three-bet to 2,100, Durity called and the cuotff called as well.

The flop was Jc9c8c and the small blind checked. Durity bet 7,200 and the cutoff moved all in for 12,975. The small blind folded and Durity called.

The cutoff showed Jd9d, giving him top two pair, but Durity had plenty of equity with his QcQd.

The turn was the 3d and the river was the 8h. Durity counterfeited his opponent’s two pair and won the pot with a bigger two-pair.

“He had so many ways to get there,” said Ben Scrogins after the hand.

Julien Durity – 39,000

Event 1 Day 1B: Zoltan Czinkota Gets Outkicked

$570 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$250,000 Guarantee | Structure
Level 4: 100/200 with a 25 ante
Flight B Entries: 105

On a flop of JcTh4s, the player in the small blind checked and Ben Scrogins checked from under the gun. Zoltan Czinkota bet 1,300 from the cutoff and was called by both players.

The turn was the 3s and action checked to Czinkota again, who bet 2,500. The small blind called and Scrogins folded.

The river was the 9s and both players checked. Czinkota showed KxJx, but the small blind won the pot with AdJd.

Czinkota loses the pot, but is still very healthy on chips with almost double his original starting stack.

Zoltan Czinkota – 36,000

Event 6: Chip Counts Through Flight A

$570 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$250,000 Guarantee | Structure
Returning to Level 15: 1,500/3,000 with a 500 ante
Players Remaining: 28 of 145

Flight A: 145 Entries: 28 Advanced
Flight B: Underway
Flight C: Tuesday at 11am
Flight D: Tuesday at 6pm
Day 2: Wednesday at 1pm

RankFirst NameLast NameChip CountTableSeat


Event 6 Day 1A: Blake Vita Leads First Flight

$570 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$250,000 Guarantee | Structure
End of Level 14: 1,200/2,400 with a 400 ante
Flight A Players Remaining: 28 of 145

Blake Vita

Play has come to an end in the first Flight of Event 6 and Blake Vita is the early leader returning for Day 2. It looked like Seminole Hard Rock Tampa poker ambassador Wally Maddah was going to lock up those honors but Vita took a nice pot off of Timothy Kegel on the last hand to move ahead, his 246,000 just a little bit better than Maddah’s 212,000.

There were 28 players still around after 14 levels and they will return on Wednesday at 1pm to play to a champion.

Full Flight A chip counts will be posted as soon as they are available.

Top five Flight A stacks:

  1. Blake Vita – 296,000
  2. Wally Maddah – 212,000
  3. George Khoriaty – 198,500
  4. Haim Toorgeman – 195,500
  5. Andre Rakusa – 160,500

Event 6 Day 1B: Early Tony Ruberto

$570 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$250,000 Guarantee | Structure
Level 1: 25/50
Flight B Entries: 47

Tony Ruberto

Flight B is building up while Flight A plays its last level of the evening. We have 47 entries in Flight B at the start including a unique chance to see Tony Ruberto this early.

“This never happens,” Ruberto joked. “I’m never here for the first hand.”

“It might be five years since I was here at the start.”

Ruberto picked up some jewelry here a few months ago. The WPT Champions Club member won his first WSOP Circuit ring in September to add to his $2.1 million in career earnings.

Event 6 Day 1B: Closing Out the Day

$570 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$250,000 Guarantee | Structure
Level 1: 25/50

The second of four flights of the $250,000 Guaranteed Event 6 is ready to go in the back of the ballroom and move the tournament closer to the hitting that number.

Flight A drew 145 entries to set the pace and this evening’s flight should post similar numbers. That will put them on target to hit the guarantee tomorrow evening for the $570 buy-in tournament.

Players will start with 20,000 deep stacks and 30-minute levels throughout the flight. Late registration is available until the start of Level 9 at 10:30pm with unlimited re-entries during that time. They are scheduled to play 14 full levels and those with chips at the end will bag them up for a return on Wednesday for Day 2.

They’ll get underway at >6pm to finish off another great day of poker.

  • $250,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool
  • Players begin with 20,000 in chips and 30-minute levels
  • Late registration/re-entry available until start of Level 9
  • Day 1 will end after Level 14 or Tournament Director discretion
  • Event 6 Structure Sheet

Event 6 Day 1A: Last Break

$570 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$250,000 Guarantee | Structure
Level 12: 800/1,600 with a 200 ante
Flight A Players Remaining: 54 of 145

Timothy Kegel

Flight A players are taking their second break of the day and will return to play two more levels. When they wrap up Level 14, those with chips will bag them up for a Day 2 return on Wednesday.

Two of the bigger stacks remaining belong to SHRP regular Andre Rakusa (130,000) and Timothy Kegel (124,000). We will track them over the next two levels and see who will bag the first chip lead.

Event 6 Day 1A: Registration Closed

$570 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$250,000 Guarantee | Structure
Level 9: 400/800 with a 100 ante
Flight A Players Remaining: 72 of 145

Aaron Massey

Registration has closed on the first flight of the $250,000 Guarantee Deep Stack Event 6. It drew 145 entries for a very fine showing right out of the gates and the tournament is on pace to easily it the mark.

While we were away looking at the Event 1 final table, several other familiar faces took a seat in the tournament including Aaron Massey, Rafael Reis, and Paul Balzano along with SHRP team member Darryll Fish and Seminole Hard Rock Tampa poker ambassador Wally Maddah.

They will play six more levels before the survivors bag up for Day 2 on Wednesday.