Escalator $350: Idris Ambraisse Wins Escalator $350 Outright for $88,939; David Poces — 2nd Place ($53,460)

2018 Escalator Series (Week 3)
$350 Buy-In, $300,000 Guaranteed
Level 32: 75,000/150,000 with a 20,000 ante
Players Remaining: 1 of 1,435 | Structure | Payouts

Idris Ambraisse

The flop laid [7c 5d 3s]. Idris Ambraisse checked and David Poces bet 400,000. Ambraisse raised to 1,000,000 and Poces called.

The turn was the [3h]. Ambraisse lead for 500,000 and Poces moved all-in. Ambraisse called and had the title within reach.

Ambraisse: [5s 5c] for a fullhouse
Poces: [qc 7s] for two pair

River: [6c]

Ambraisse’s boat was best and he earned the outright win in the Escalator $350 scoring $88,939 and a $3,500 WPT Poker Showdown Championship seat in the process. Poces, meanwhile, scored $53,460 for the runner-up finish.

David Poces

1st: Idris Ambraisse – $88,939* + $3,500 Seat
2nd: David Poces – $53,460*

The complete results will be posted shortly along with a winner’s photo.