Wire Transfer Instructions

Wiring Instructions

For guests wiring money into Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood for the first time, please use the following steps:

  1. Click on the following link to download the front money application: Click Here

*Note* – Do not sign your front money application until you arrive and present the application to a cash operations team member.

2. Click on the applicable wiring instructions (domestic/international) to wire from your bank to Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood:

Domestic: Click Here

International: Click Here

*Note* – Guests may reach out to Poker Tournament Manager, Jason Heidenthal at JasonHeidenthal@seminolehardrock.com to ensure their wire has successfully arrived.

3. Once you are ready to setup your front money account and pull down from your wire, please visit the casino main cage.

*Note* – Our main cage is the only location where a guest can pull down their wire.

4. After pulling down your wire, you can withdraw from your front money account at any of the casinos’ cages (Main, Satellite, or Poker).

*Note* – Guests cannot process front money transactions at the Seminole Ballroom tournament area.