Event 1 Flight C: Family Affair

$360 Ultimate Re-Entry
$500,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 2: 100/200 with a 100 ante
Flight C Entries: 251

Michael Damiani

Flight C pulled in another 150 entrants over the first hour and we have a steady line of players coming into the Event Center to grab their seat. We had 900 entries for the first two flights and we will flirt with 1,000 between the two today.

Two friends of SHRP are back in action, they together and will go home together. Husband and wife players Michael and Jorie Damiani both have success in our events including Jorie with a SHRPO Escalator win in 2013.

We’re not sure, but this might be one of the first time the two of them played in the same event. Jorie gave birth to their first child earlier in 2018 and he has been their focus.

Jorie Damiani