High Roller: Shaun Deeb Versus Brandon Adams

$25,500 High Roller (Re-Entry)
$1,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 14: 4,000/8,000 with a 8,000 ante
Players Remaining: 7 of 40

Brandon Adams opened to 18,000 from under the gun and picked up calls from Ajay Chabra in the small blind and Shaun Deeb in the big. The flop came [qc][7s][6c] followed by checks from Chabra and Deeb. Brandon Adams bet 42,000 and only Deeb stayed in the hand.

Both players checked the [kc] turn and [2d] river. Deeb tabled [7c][5c] and it was good enough to top Adams’ [jd][td] for the pot.

Shaun Deeb – 370,000 (46 bb)
Brandon Adams – 1,375,000 (172 bb)