Glenn Shapiro Wins First Live Tournament in $1,100 Turbo

2017 Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open 
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 
Hollywood, Florida
Event 14
$1,100 No Limit Hold’em Turbo 
Entries: 60
Prize Pool: $60,000 
November 27, 2017

Glenn Shaprio

Glenn Shapiro came back to his hometown of Miami on a short business trip and is leaving with a Hard Rock trophy.

On Monday night, the 47-year-old insurance broker won the lion’s share of a four-way chop in the $1,100 no limit hold’em turbo event. He earned $12,748 and defeated a 60-entry field to take home his first-ever live tournament win.

“It’s awesome,” said Shaprio of his win. “I had a last-minute trip for business and I just thought I would play in a quick turbo. I didn’t expect this to happen.”

Shapiro grew up in Miami, but moved around a little bit after college and currently resides in Atlanta. The turbo structure of the event allowed him to take a shot since he has to head back to Atlanta on Tuesday.

“I couldn’t do a two-day event,” said Shaprio. “I needed a one-day and I seem to do very well in turbos.”

Shapiro’s key hand of the tournament when he won with jack-five against ace-king. According to Shapiro, suckouts and bad beats were a common theme of the final table.

“I would tell you that 80% of the time, the underdog won the hand,” said Shapiro. “Every time I had big pairs, I didn’t want to be called because I thought I was going to lose. I knew I was ahead, but I was guaranteed to lose, though. I got sucked out four times and still made the final table.”

With three kids, a full-time job and no casino within a few hours of his home, it’s tough for him to stay sharp with his game. Shapir plays casually and tries to stay sharp by traveling a little bit and playing ‘some of the smaller tournaments.’

He clearly excelled on the felt on Monday, but he’s also excelled in the bowling alley. Shapiro bowled at the collegiate level and then spent some time on the PBA tour for some time after college.

In order to achieve the quality of life he desired, he opted to get a more traditional job. He got off of the tour and got into the insurance business.

“I had moderate success,” said Shapiro about his time on the PBA tour. “You can make more money playing poker. There’s not a big purse, so it’s hard. Sponsorships get you around, so you don’t have to pay for a lot of expenses, but shy of that, it’s hard to actually make any money.”

Shaprio survived a final table that featured plenty of tough players from the area. Evan Teitelbaum took second place in the chop, Jeffrey Hakim was third and Marcus Stein was eliminated in sixth place for $3,300.


1st: Glenn Shaprio – $12,748
2nd: Evan Teitelbaum – $12,282
3rd: Jeffrey Hakim – $11,805
4th: Alexandre Caperonis – $10,805
5th: David Bradshaw – $4,200
6th: Marcus Stein – $3,300
7th: Guy Smith – $2,700
8th: Jeffrey Soffer – $2,160

Event 14: Deal Reached

$1,100 Turbo No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 19: 5,000/10,000 with a 1,500 ante | Structure | Payouts
Players Remaining: 4 of 60

The remaining four players have agreed to a modified ICM deal. Here were their chip counts at the time of the deal:

Glenn Shapiro – 238,000 (23 bb)
Evan Teitelbaum – 202,000 (20 bb)
Jeff Hakim – 140,000 (14 bb)
Alexandre Caperonis – 140,000 (140 bb)

Here were the subsequent payout amounts:

Glenn Shapiro – $12,748
Evan Teitelbaum – $12,282
Jeff Hakim – $11,805
Alexandre Caperonis – $10,805

                                                                  Glenn Shapiro – 1st Place
                                                            Evan Teitelbaum – 2nd Place
                                                                         Jeff Hakim – 3rd Place
                                                          Alexandre Caperonis – 4th Place

Event 14: David Bradshaw – 5th Place ($4,200)

$1,100 Turbo No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 19: 5,000/10,000 with a 1,500 ante | Structure | Payouts
Players Remaining: 4 of 60

                                                                          David Bradshaw – 5th Place

David Bradshaw raised all in from the small blind for about 25,000, and Jeff Hakim called from the big blind.

Bradshaw: 9h8s
Hakim: Ad4s

The flop fell Kh9d5d, giving Bradshaw the lead with a pair of nines. The Ac turn fell, though, putting Hakim back ahead with a pair of aces.

The river was the 10c, no help to Bradshaw, ending his tournament in fifth place.

Jeff Hakim – 265,000 (26 bb)
David Bradshaw – Eliminated in 5th Place ($4,200)

Event 14: Marcus Stein – 6th Place ($3,300)

$1,100 Turbo No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 19: 5,000/10,000 with a 1,500 ante | Structure | Payouts
Players Remaining: 5 of 60

                                                                  Marcus Stein – 6th Place

Alexandre Caperonis raised to effectively 35,000 from the small blind, and Marcus Stein called all in from the big blind.

Caperonis: 9h8h
Stein: Ac7s

The board came down Kc7c3d4s9c, giving Caperonis a pair of nines on the river to eliminate Stein in sixth place.

Alexandre Caperonis – 170,000 (17 bb)
Marcus Stein – Eliminated in 6th Place ($3,300)

Event 14: Guy Smith – 7th Place ($2,700)

$1,100 Turbo No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 18: 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante | Structure | Payouts
Players Remaining: 6 of 60

                                            Guy Smith – 7th Place

Alexandre Caperonis raised to 18,000 from under the gun, Guy Smith reraised all in for 22,500 from the small blind, and Caperonis called.

Caperonis: Ah10d
Smith: 8d7h

The board ran out KhQh3cJdAs, giving Caperonis an ace-high straight to eliminate Smith in seventh place.

Alexandre Caperonis – 145,000 (18 bb)
Guy Smith – Eliminated in 7th Place ($2,700)