Michael Barry Continues Hot Start to 2018 RRPO With Big O Victory

2018 Rock N’ Roll Poker Open 
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 
Hollywood, Florida
Event 5
$360 Big O
Entries: 107
Prize Pool: $32,100 
November 17, 2018 

Michael Barry

The 2018 Rock n’ Roll Poker Open is only a few events into the series, but Michael Barry already has had quite a successful series. Just a couple days ago, the Georgia native finished fourth in the $360 HORSE for $2,205.

Just after the clock struck midnight and it was officially Sunday, Barry took down the $360 Big O event for his first victory at his second final table of the series. He defeated a field of 107 entries and earned $7,313 in a heads-up chop with Leif Force.

“It was nice,” said Barry after his victory. “It was nice to take that down. You hear about it all the time. Someone getting close and then getting to knock them out.”

The 15-year veteran of the IT world had never played Big O before the tournament kicked off on Saturday afternoon. He has played plenty of pot-limit Omaha hi-lo before, but he had zero experience with a fifth card.

The mixed games enthusiast understands the general concepts and strategies of split-pot games, but the fifth card took some adjusting to get used to.

“I played tighter,” said Barry. “I definitely played tighter because I started noticing that there are fewer outs than in regular PLO8. That’s it. I just played tighter. And I already play pretty tight.”

Barry certain was patient at the final table and picked his spots carefully. In the beginning of the final table, Force held a commanding chip lead, leaving the other seven players all equally short.

He caught a few timely double ups and then as the table got shorter, he turned up the aggression and went for the win. Barry claims it was just a good rush of cards when he pulled away with a chip lead of his own.

“At the end, I just got a bunch of pocket aces with a deuce or something like that,” he said.

Barry eliminated Sean Troha in third, which gave him a 3-to-2 chip lead over Force at the start of heads-up play. Heads-up play didn’t actually happen, however.

Once Troha hit the rail, Barry offered Force an even chop. Force agreed and since Barry held the chip lead when the deal was struck, he took credit for the win.

If Barry has his way, this won’t be the last time you see him. Barry is truly in love with the game and hopes to play at the game’s highest levels.

“Whenever I’m not working, I’m playing online,” said the 49-year-old. “Like every single day I’m playing poker. I love poker no matter what. I’m trying to get into playing poker professionally one day.”

Full Results:

1st: Michael Barry – $7,313*
2nd: Leif Force – $7,312*
3rd: Sean Troha – $3,975
4th: Michael Perlmutter – $2,800
5th: Jonathan Gold – $2,050
6th: Kevin Love – $1,555
7th: Stephen Allen – $1,230
8th: Stephanie Chung – $1,015
9th: Daniel Pearlman – $880
10th: Michael Bozeman – $880
11th: Robert Mather – $795
12th: Scotter Clark – $795
13th: Justin Foltz – $750
14th: Claudangelo – $750

* denotes numbers reflecting a heads-up deal

Event 5: Michael Barry and Leif Force Agree to a Chop

$360 Big O 
Structure | Payouts
Level 22: 8,000/16,000
Players Remaining: 2 of 107

Michael Barry

Shortly after Sean Troha was eliminated in third, Michael Barry and Leif Force began to talk about a heads-up deal.

Barry offered to chop the remaining prize pool evenly and he would receive the trophy since he held a 3-to-2 chip advantage. Force agreed and Barry won the tournament.

Each player will take home $7,213.  A complete recap will be posted tonight.

Leif Force


Event 5: Sean Troha – 3rd ($3,975)

$360 Big O 
Structure | Payouts
Level 22: 8,000/16,000
Players Remaining: 2 of 107

Sean Troha

Sean Troha and Michael Barry got all the chips into the middle preflop and after the runout, Barry scooped the whole pot, eliminating Troha in third place for $3,975.

Barry takes the pot and goes into heads-up play against Leif Force with a slight chip lead.

Michael Barry – 655,000
Sean Troha – Eliminated 

Event 5: Michael Perlmutter – 4th Place ($2,800)

$360 Big O 
Structure | Payouts
Level 21: 6,000/12,000
Players Remaining: 3 of 107

Michael Perlmutter

Action folded to Leif Force in the small blind, who raised. Michael Perlmutter moved all in for about 60,000 and Force called.

Perlmutter showed AdJdJs6h5s and was up against Force’s AsQhJc5h3c.

The board came QsTc8s4h9c and Force scooped the pot with a straight. Perlmutter was eliminated in fourth place and earned $2,800.

Force doubled up Sean Troha a few hands earlier, and is no longer the chip leader, but he gets some back with the knockout of Perlmutter.

Leif Force – 285,000
Michael Perlmutter – Eliminated 

Event 5: Jonathan Gold – 5th Place ($2,050)

$360 Big O 
Structure | Payouts
Level 20: 5,000/10,000
Players Remaining: 4 of 107

Jonathan Gold

Jonathan Gold got all in on the button against Leif Force in the small blind. Gold was all in for about 70,000 with AcQd2h8c7h against Force’s AdKdKh6s3d.

The board came Td8s2dTh6c and Force won the pot with kings and tens. Gold was eliminated in fifth place for $2,050 and Force extended his chip lead.

Leif Force – 585,000
Jonathan Gold – Eliminated 

Event 5: Kevin Love – 6th Place ($1,555)

$360 Big O 
Structure | Payouts
Level 20: 5,000/10,000
Players Remaining: 5 of 107

Kevin Love

Four players took a flop of Kc5c3s and all hell broke loose.

Kevin Love checked from the big blind, Leif Force checked from under the gun, Michael Perlmutter moved all in from early position, Michael Barry moved all in on the button, Kevin Love called all in from the big blind and Force called as well, having everybody covered.

Force flopped the best hand with his KdKhJsJcQd, Perlmutter tabled AdQc9cTd2h, Barry showed AsQsTh9h2s and Love tabled KsJd6d5h4d.

The turn was the 8d, bringing in the low, and the river was the 5d. Force took half of everything with a full house, Perlmutter and Barry each took a quarter of everything with the nut low and Love was eliminated.

Leif Force – 510,000
Michael Perlmutter – 100,000
Michael Barry – 120,00
Kevin Love – Eliminated

Event 5: Steve Allen – 7th Place ($1,230)

$360 Big O 
Structure | Payouts
Level 20: 5,000/10,000
Players Remaining: 6 of 107

Steve Allen

After a couple raises preflop, Steve Allen ended up all in from the cutoff for about 135,000 against Sean Troha in the big blind.

Troha showed AdKc6c4h2d and was up against Allen’s AsAh7s6h2d.

The board ran out Jd9s5d8dTs. There was no qualifying low and Troha scooped the pot with the nut flush. Allen is out in seventh and Troha is neck-and-neck with Force for the chip lead.

Sean Troha – 300,000
Steve Allen – Eliminated 

Event 5: Stephanie Chung – 8th Place ($1,015)

$360 Big O 
Structure | Payouts
Level 19: 4,000/8,000
Players Remaining: 7 of 107

Stephanie Chung

Stephanie Chung moved all in for 15,000 from middle position and Sean Troha three-bet to 60,000 from the cutoff.

Chung showed KsKdJhTs8d and was up against Troha’s Ah2h2sTd4d.

The board ran out Qh7d5h6hAs. Troha scooped the pot with the nut flush and the second nut low, eliminating Chung in eighth place for $1,015.

Sean Troha – 175,000
Stephanie Chung – Eliminated 

Event 5: Michael Perlmutter Doubles Through Leif Force

$360 Big O 
Structure | Payouts
Level 19: 4,000/8,000
Players Remaining: 8 of 107

Leif Force raised to 20,000 from early position and Michael Perlmutter moved all in for 44,000 from the cutoff.

Force called and showed AdJcTh3h2c and was up against Perlmutter’s AsAcJd5s3s.

The board ran out KcTd9s6d4c and Perlmutter scooped the whole pot with a pair of aces.

Michael Perlmutter – 100,000
Leif Force – 360,000