David Shmuel Wins Third Hard Rock Trophy in $360 PLO

2018 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open 
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino 
Hollywood, Florida
Event #9
$360 Pot-Limt Omaha 
Entries: 152
Prize Pool: $45,600 
August 6, 2018 

David Shmuel Wins Third Trophy in $360 PLO

At the 2017, David Shmuel made his mark on the South Florida poker world by winning two Hard Rock trophies in November’s Rock N’ Roll Poker Open.

He won his third in the early hours of Tuesday morning in the $360 pot-limit Omaha. He defeated 152 entries and Emily Perinjaquet heads-up to earn his third Hard Rock title and $12,589.

The one-day event started at 3 p.m. on Monday afternoon, but by the time Shmuel was crowned the champion, the sun was only a few hours from coming up on Tuesday morning and he had played heads-up against Perinaquet for over an hour.

“I had a very tough opponent,” said Shmuel. “She was amazing the way she played. I was down to 6,000 chips late in the stage and I got back to this level is amazing.”

Shmuel earned three hard rock trophies in three different variants of poker. His first came in pot-limit Omaha hi-lo and his second came in no-limit hold’em. Now, he adds a pot-limit Omaha title to his resume.

Shmuel’s main game was the hi-lo variant of this game, so making adjustments to what needed to be more nutted ranges was what helped him in playing the hi only version.

“In just hi, you got to really have the lock hand,” said Shmuel.

Having that knowledge allowed him to make a key fold against the eventual runner-up.

“I folded a big hand to [Perinjaquet],” said Shmuel. “I had the king-high flush and she had the ace-high flush. If I called that, I’d have been out. She would have had all the chips.”

Shmuel’s road to victory wasn’t an easy one. Aside from having to battle Perinjaquet heads-up, he had to maneuver his way through a final table that featured local pro Zach Milchman and Peter Walsworth.

Walsworth, a Sarasota native, finished in third place at his third final table of the series. Walsworth won the $360 Omaha hi-lo last week and finished fourth in the $360 HORSE the following night. He was just a few spots shy of his fourth Hard Rock title.

The field paid out the top 19 spots. Here are a look at the results:

1st: David Shmuel – $12,589
2nd: Emily Perinjanquet – $7,980
3rd: Pete Walsworth – $4,697
4th: Zachary Milchman – $2,851
5th: Manuel Gomez – $2,212
6th: Mike Zholendz – $1,826
7th: Doug Booth – $1,596
8th: John Palace – $1,425
9th: Gabriel Ramos – $1,259
10th: Barry Gallaher – $1,094
11th: Charles Kapetanakos – $1,094
12th: Doron Dahan – $1,094
13th: Jacobo Fernandez – $935
14th: Parker Detweiler – $935
15th: Bradley Butcher – $935
16th: Michael Lipman – $798
17th: Jason Wells – $798
18th: Dustin Lee – $798
19th: Zachary Donovan – $684

Event 9: David Shmuel Leads With Five Players Remaining

$360 Pot-Limit Omaha (Re-Entry) 
Structure | Payouts
Level 20: 5,000/10,000
Players Remaining: 5 of 152

David Shmuel

Half of the unofficial final table has been eliminated and David Shmuel leads the pack with five players remaining.

Here are the chip counts as the final table is halfway through level 20:

David Shmuel – 485,000
Emily Perrinjaquet – 410,000
Pete Walsworth – 270,000
Zach Milchman – 190,000
Manuel Gomez – 130,000

Here are the final table results thus far:

6th: Mike Zholendz – $1,826
7th: Doug Booth – $1,596
8th: John Palace – $1,425
9th: Gabriel Ramos – $1,259
10th: Barry Gallaher – $1,094

Event 9: Emily Perrinjaquet Leads Final 10 Players

$360 Pot-Limit Omaha (Re-Entry) 
Structure | Payouts
Level 17: 2,500/5,000
Players Remaining: 10 of 152

The $360 pot-limit Omaha is down to its final 10 players and they have redrawn for seats at the unofficial final table.

There are only a couple minutes remaining in the level with blinds of 2,500/5,000 and everybody is guaranteed a cash of at least $1,094.

Here is the seat map and chip counts for the final 10 players:

Seat 1: Doug Booth – 190,000
Seat 2: Barry Gallaher – 65,000
Seat 3: Emily Perrinjaquet – 311,000
Seat 4: John Palace – 50,000
Seat 5: Zack Milchman – 19,000
Seat 6: Pete Walsworth – 246,500
Seat 7: David Shmuel – 295,000
Seat 8: Gabriel Ramos – 140,000
Seat 9: Mike Zholendz – 68,000
Seat 10: Manuel Gomez – 192,500

Event 9: David Prociak Doubles With Full House over Full House

$360 Pot-Limit Omaha (Re-Entry) 
Structure | Payouts
Level 10: 500/1,000
Players Remaining: 36 of 152

David Prociak

On the turn with the board reading Ts7h3s7c, David Prociak checked from the big blind and a player in middle position checked as well. The button bet 5,000 and only Prociak called.

There was about 16,000 in the pot heading to the river, which was the 4s. Prociak checked and the button bet 10,000. Prociak moved all in for 23,400 and the button quickly called.

“Tens full,” said Prociak, showing TdTh5s2s.

“I really wanted to check,” said the button, who showed 7d6d5d4h, good for a smaller boat.

Prociak won the pot as a player was eliminated on another table and the field was trimmed down to 36 players and the final four tables.

David Prociak – 79,000

Event 9: $45,600 Prize Pool With $12,589 Up Top

$360 Pot-Limit Omaha (Re-Entry) 
Level 9: 400/800
Total Entries: 152

With the start of level 9, registration is closed for the $360 pot-limit Omaha and the prize pool is finalized. With 152 entries in the field, it generated a $45,600 prize pool and the top 19 spots will earn a cash of at least $684.

Full prize pool details and payouts:

2018 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Hollywood, Florida
Event #9
Entries: 152
Prize Pool: $45,600
August 6, 2018

1st: $12,589 + Trophy
2nd: $7,980
3rd: $4,697
4th: $2,851
5th: $2,212
6th: $1,826
7th: $1,596
8th: $1,425
9th: 1,259
10th-12th: $1,094
13th-15th: $935
16th-18th: $798
19th: $684