Event 8: Lisa Levy Eliminated in 5th Place ($775)

$300 Ladies No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 14: 2,000/4,000 with a 500 Ante
Players Remaining: 5 of 38

Lisa Levy

Robyn Marshman moved her short stack all in from middle position, and Lisa Levy called all in for 5,000 in the small blind, putting herself at risk.

Marshman: Ah7d
Levy: Qh2d

The board ran out Jh8h4h6s9h, and Levy could not catch up. Marshman won the pot with an ace-high flush, eliminating Levy in fifth place.

Robyn Marshman – 31,000 (8 bb)
Lisa Levy – Eliminated in 5th place ($775)