Event 21: A Winner Is Crowned

$1,650 Purple Chip Bounty No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 24: Blinds 10k/20k/3k ante

Event_21_1st_Derrick Simon
Event 21 Winner: Derrick Simon

A short stacked Ian O’Hara shoves and Derrick Simon calls pre-flop:

O’Hara: 4c4d
Simon: 8s6h

Board rolls out Qh10sKh2h6c and Simon pairs up his 6 on the river to best the pocket 4s of O’Hara to eliminate him from the tournament. O’Hara gets $20,708 for his finish as runner-up.

Ian O'Hara
2nd place – Ian O’Hara

Congratulations Derrick Simon, champion of the 2014 SHRPO Event 21: $1,650 Purple Chip Bounty No Limit Hold’em tournament! He gets $37,648, the brand new shiny SHRPO trophy, and the customized framed winner’s photo!

Event 21: 3rd Place – Victor Figueroa

$1,650 Purple Chip Bounty No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 21:  Blinds 5k/10k/1k ante

Victor Figueroa - 3rd Place
Victor Figueroa – 3rd Place

Victor Figueroa shoved his short-stack on the button and Derrick Simon called in the dark from the big blind.

Victor held Ah6s and was ahead of Derrick’s 7c2s, but the board fell 5d4s3h5hAd giving Derrick a wheel and the pot.

Victor Figueroa busted out in 3rd place, earning $11,923, plus bounties.

Heads-up play began with Derrick Simon leading with 1 million chips to Ian O’Hara’s 500k (2:1).

Event 21: 4th Place – Jason Wheeler

$1,650 Purple Chip Bounty No-Limit Hold ‘Em (Re-Entry)

Level 20: Blinds 4k/8k/1k ante

Jason Wheeler - 4th Place
Jason Wheeler – 4th Place

Jason Wheeler put 34k in and forgot about the 1k chip on his cards, so he was not all-in.  Derrick Simon called from the small blind.

On the flop of QcTcTs Derrick tossed in 1k to cover Jason, who tossed his last chip in saying “you don’t get my bounty” as he rolled over JcTh for trips.

“I don’t?” said Derrick, as he rolled over Kc4c for the flush draw.

The last two landed 4s6c and Derrick made the flush to take the pot and Jason’s bounty.

Jason Wheeler took 4th place and $10,040, plus any bounties he collected along the way.