$10K: Kristen Bicknell Doubles Through James Romero

Event #25: $10,000 One-Day Event
$500,000 Guarantee | Structure
Level 11: 1,000/1,500/1,500
Players Remaining: 36 of 91

James Romero

Kristen Bicknell got her stack of 22,500 all in preflop and was flipping against WPT Five Diamond champ James Romero.

Bicknell: AhQs
Romero: 10c10h

The Ac8dKh flop was kind to Bicknell and she shipped the double after the 5h was run out on the turn followed by the 7d river.

Kristen Bicknell – 50,000 (33 bb)
James Romero – 100,000 (66 bb)