$10M GTD: Amir Lehavot Eliminated in 16th Place by Larry Klur

Amir Lehavot

Larry Klur raises from the hijack to 200,000, Amir Lehavot (pictured) moves all in from the button for 1,330,000, and Klur calls with Kd Kh. Lehavot turns over 2c 2d, and he’s dominated as he faces elimination.

The board comes Qh Js 10s Jd 6h, and the pocket kings hold up for Klur to win the pot and eliminate WSOP November Niner Amir Lehavot in 16th place.

Larry Klur  –  6,100,000  (76 bb)
Amir Lehavot  –  Out in 16th Place  ($69,810)